Insurance Claim - Dropped My Laptop


I dropped my laptop on the floor. It is damaged.

My contents insurance offers new for old.

Chromebook cost $700 2 years ago.

Excess is $200.

Is it worth submitting an insurance claim?

We had 2 minor claims (building) last year but nothing on the contents part.

It is tempting to get a new chromebook but don't want an increase in premiums,,,


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    New for old

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    Whats the point of having insurance if you dont ever use it when you need it.

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    Do you have accidental damage cover? Does it cover dropped laptops?

    Insurance generally is cover for rare major unforeseen events outside of your control, not regular smallish stuff most others probably won't claim. Put it this way, the first are the people insurers want; the second type are the ones insurers don't want - they control that by their underwriting questions and premiums where possible.

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    Look on gumtree or eBay and see what the same used Chrome book can be found for now. Might be cheaper buy second hand and not take a potential hit on the premium next year.

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    My insurance provider provides like to like replacement. Our TV was recently damaged and they only offered $1600 worth of TV as a replacement though we paid well over $3k for damaged TV few years ago.

    We persisted because their replacement was missing various features. We ended up getting TV which we believed was like to like replacement (RRP $3500).

    So if you decide to lodge content insurance, ensure you do your research before accepting their replacement.

  • Not worth it as the laptop is not that expensive.
    As posters have mentioned above, insurance claims are only worth it, if it is for a large sum, otherwise for a small claim, you will pay more in the long run (premiums) unless you do insurance hopping/periodic changing to other providers.

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    We had 2 minor claims (building) last year but nothing on the contents part.

    Buckle up….. Your insurance is about to go up next year. So might as well get the most out of this policy today ;)

  • useful to claim to see how good they are. got the shock of my life when C*****w***** insure denied my claim for a shower unit - finally got a cheque for $30000 after a stressful appeal through layers of complaints staff. am still with them while I get it repaired at my own effort. the claim process is what determines if insurance is valued.
    test it. trust no one. google your insurer for complaints history.

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      Chemist warehouse?

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      Commonwealth? 😁

    • CoNinsure = Junk

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    I had no idea insurance covered 'dropped laptops'.

    Looks like I can get a new one every 2 years for $200 excess.

    • Plus the premium increase the next year

      Plus the fact that if you did it a couple of times, you would look ridiculously suspicious

      • To add to this, the aggregate sum of premiums will cost more than the laptops he has claimed. Insurance companies aren't stupid. They're always there to make money off you

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    You'd want to read your PDS to make sure that accidental damage cover was ticked (It's not generally a standard inclusion)

    If its a couple of years old it would be found on marketplace/gumtree for a fraction of the excess + ongoing increase to insurance premiums.

  • Portable device damage / loss … laptop, camera, phone etc… ?? Would be nice to see their PDS on that.

    In the Commonwealth Bank Contents Insurance PDS under things we DONT cover… (just used them as an example)
    "38. loss of/or damage to electronic equipment caused by user error or misuse;"

    They do have an additional policy to cover portable devices.

  • Ok guys, I will leave it. No insurance claim :-(

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