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King C Gillette Double Edge Razor + 5 DE Blades $18 @ Coles


$12 off King C Gillette new Double Edge Razor, and also includes 5 Blades.

This makes it a great intro to Double Edge shaving.

Better deal than last time this was on sale, where I got this deal, and it has been a very good Razor, that i have been using everyday.

Other King C Gillette products on sale, except for the 10 pack of double edge blades, which as still a very high price of $14 for a ten pack.

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  • Always wanted one of these, might pick one up if I'm at Coles. And yeah, regarding the blades, you're better off buying a 100pack of Gillette WIlkinson Swords on eBay for $20.

    • Also Amazon has some good deals for about $20 for 100 packs, and Mensbiz is also good to get blades. Astra, Silver Blue, Polsilver and Derby are good blades. This razor might be able to handle a Feather blade quite well, will have to give it a try.

      • Feather blades are too sharp for most people to shave with!

        • Maybe to start off with but after a bit of practice you'll be waving your razor around your face with gay abandon! Feather blades are great, dead cheap too!

          • @banana365: Compared to other blades I've always noticed that Feather are more expensive. Cheaper than cartridge blades for sure but relative to say Astra or Wilkinson Swords they are more expensive. I've been using a Feather blade recently and found they get better after the blade dulls out slightly once you've shaved with it a couple of times.

        • it depends on how aggressive your razor is, i have butterfly opening razor and how tight you close makes a difference by a fraction of a millimeter on blade protrusion. i don’t know if feather is any sharper than other blades , they might just be that micron bigger ?

        • I agree, with RandomBob84. I really wanted to like the Feather blades but I find them just a little too aggressive. My personal favourites are Polsilver and Bic, they seem to suit my razor and skin the best. FWIW, if you only want to try a few blades from different brands then check out http://www.vshod.com/products/razor-blades.html. You can buy 1 packet at a time from as little as $1.80, and postage is always free. It's a great way to test a range of them for not a lot of $$.

          • @Chazzozz: The vshod website looks like it was made in mid 90's

            • @jackwoz: Yes, it looks dodgy AF, but I've bought from them several times and never had a problem. Packages have always arrived promptly and in good order. It's not SSL secured until you get to the payment process, at which point you're redirected to PayPal anyway, then it's secure after that.

        • I use feather blades, never nicked with a safety razor.

          But I usually nick myself with those cartridge ones.

          Shopkeepers told me feather is too sharp, I disagree.

        • Feather blades on a Merkur futur on max angle.

          Shaves off months of growth in one stroke, skin and flesh on the second.

    • I used to buy off ebay from barber bazaar. Now I jump on their website for cheaper prices.

    • Having spent two months slicing my face to pieces when starting with a DE razor (adjustable one from Aliexpress with the free blades that came with it) I went back to the drawing board.

      It turns out (most newbies are unlikely to know) that razors have wide varying degrees of aggressiveness with less aggressive ones being better for beginners. On top of that all blades differ widely in terms of sharpness.

      I bought a Mhule R89 (perfect beginners razor apparently) and got a free selection of 7 different packs of blades thrown in. For starters the Mhule resulted in every shave from every blade being better than my first cheap razor. Secondly half the blades suited me and half didn't.

      Overall I'm a really happy DE razor shaver now. My biggest recommendation would be to buy a selection pack of blades as everyone has different beard types so it is not one size fits all. My favourites have been the Astra Platinum, the Wilkinson Sword and Royal Stallion.

      From what I can see this Gillette is a good razor for beginners.

      • Who knew that cheap crap probably wouldn't work well?

        • To be fair, the quality of my first razor probably came across really bad. I bought the QShave which is $40 on Amazon and an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 from 425 reviews. However, the difference between it and the Mhule R89 and the new blades is night and day.

          Incidentally I found this article on blades of use. In the end, despite sharper blades being apparently more suited to experienced users, I've found the Astra to be the best for me. I tried the Derby Extra and Derby Premium to cause too much drag (likely due to their lack of sharpness). But it shows that everyone should try a selection of blades:


  • some blades come in a plastic dispensor and you can dispose of the used blade in the back, they are designed that way,
    i also bought a sharps disposal container for my blades that come in the small cardboard box only ….2 years and it still isn’t full, was concerned if people,e kids come to visit and explore the bin in the bathroom, and also if l place in the bin and slice myself through the garbage bag ….. but then no different to disposing of stanley / trim knife blades.

    save on heck of a lot of money with DE blades and easier to rinse than cartridges, my butterfly opening razor just one twist to loosen and rinse ……cartridges used to have to bang on basin to get the cut hair and shaving cream out ….

  • Boys will be boys.

  • Well, I'm a toxic white male, so I can't buy Gillette any more. Looks like I'm stuck with the better Schick blades then….

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    Hmm this is made in china, better go with specialist DE shaving brands.

    • Yes it is made in China. It does have a good quality feel and has a lot of weight in the razor.

      I find it to be a quality product, and have been using this King C Gillette rather than my usual UK made Edwin Jagger. China does make quality products these days, smartphones, computers, electronics, etc. They can also make some poor quality products, it can be a hit and miss. I find that DE blades made in China are one such item that is not as good as the Russian, Turkey, German, Japanese and Israel made DE blades.

  • Best blades in existence are Gillette Nacet from Russia.
    I get 5-7 shaves with one blade and generally only need one pass.
    Been using them since i was 16 (25 now).
    Currently $40 for 300 blades.

  • Do i need this? I'm asian and have minimal facial hair. Use a ProGlide right now and shave maybe 2 times a week.

  • Grabbed one of these to try out and it's not bad at all. Feels quite good in the hand and little bit more weight that my usual Muhle razor.
    Actually this is 101g my Muhle is 66g.
    Quite easy to achieve a clean shave, blades feel smooth and no dragging or irritation after. Mrs approves of the finish so that's a plus !

    The blades that are included feel good though not sure I'd buy more unless they are discounted.
    Other blades I've used in the past are
    Astra Superior Platinum
    Astra Superior Stainless
    Derby Extra
    Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge
    Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Stainless
    Gillette Silver Blue
    Lord Platinum
    Personna Red
    Personna Super Stainless
    Treet Platinum
    Shark Super Chrome
    And couple other weird blades I can't remember the names.
    But currently sticking with the Lord Platinum and the made in Russia Gillette Silver blue blades.

    Also if you're feeling any drag on the skin more than likely you need a slight adjustment to your razor angle.

  • I know the memories are fading, but (profanity) Gillette for telling me I'm a piece of $hit just because I'm a white male.

    • I feel like just buying this one thing and giving them no other of your business would probably be fine though,even from the perspective of not wanting them to earn a profit from your money ever again. Because at this price I assume they aren't making a real profit off them, seeing as coles must be making some money off it.

      • Gillette will be attracting people to the new King C Gillette range, and making the real money on blade sales, which is why the two blade packs in this range are the only two items not on sale.

      • I know, but it's a moral thing. I rather the Aldi blades now anyway, they are as good as the Gillette were, which used to be my favourite

    • Clearly Gillette were right lol

  • Checked it with DB89L and it seems to be compatible with Edwin Jagger, the parts are interchangeable.

  • I picked up the DS blade handle last night and the shaving cream. I usually shave with a cartridge razor and never given it any thought. Holy cow, this is night and day, the best shave I've ever had. It's one of those products that instantly becomes a favourite. Also bought a 100 pack of the Gillette Nacet blades as recommended above. Going to stick with this one. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, I picked up one yesterday. Great quality for $18 bucks, true bargain!

  • Both my local Coles don't stock it :( within 20km of Brisbane cbd here