Need Advice Regarding Dental Work

Hi OzBargainers,

I am here today trying to find help In regarding dental work, I am 22 and trying to get my smile sorted out. I am unsure and in need of some advice.

I have been quoted $65k to fix my teeth as I am missing 7 adult teeth as they never grew and according to this dentist I will require 6 implants and veneers. I am currently based in Brisbane I've tried two places one saying it will cost around $30k to $40k however they won't do all the implants. And another highly reputable place on the Gold Coast quoting $65k, I have contemplated about going to Thailand and sorting it out as $65 thousand is a insane amount. I was hoping I could get it done for $20k to $30k but I don't think I can do that in Australia.

Any advice and information would be great help on what I should do who I should visit.



  • May I ask a few quick questions please, because some extra details will affect the applicable 'best advice'/your viable options.

    1. Which teeth are absent, exactly? You can tell me using the standard dental nomenclature, or a more informal 'lay' description such as 'all four top incisors, the two front-most lower incisors plus the left-from-front incisor' (etc.). I'm guessing that all four of your canines are present, but that 7/8 of your incisors are absent … is that correct?

    2. If it 'really came down to it', could you afford about 50,000 AUD? Given that you are aged 22 years, I guess what I am really asking is 'are you from a rich family, who would be willing to pay for this to be done in Australia?'

    3. What sort of measures/'falsies' are you using now/have you used to date, and how tolerable have you found those measures to be?

    I do realise that some of these are quite personal questions, but do remember that you are anonymous here. The fact is without answers to questions such as these, the advice you can be given here will be extremely limited/general/possibly irrelevant to you. It would be interesting to hear from other OzBers below who have had 'mini-implants' placed OS, and how that has worked out for them in the long term. I suspect that for many, in this day and age the results will have been very good, and long-lasting/durable (much better than, say, 20 years ago).

  • My husband had an implant done in Thailand. Thantakit Dental Clinic in Bangkok. Fantastic service and work, but it did require a couple of visits over several months. I can’t recall the costs now but we did save thousands having it done there in comparison with what we had been quoted here in Melbourne. However we did have to have surgery here in Aus first for a bone graft so he could have the implant.

  • i assume you've probably looked into this but just in case: what about getting most expensive extras and hospital insurance plan and waiting a year for coverage? - does that bring your costs down at all

    • Poster may save $2,000 the $50k I'm guessing. Annual and lifetime limits will trigger quite quickly.

      But yes, worth looking up.

    • Have had implants, had highest hospital and extras. It didn't assist very much, majority of the cost was still "out of pocket".

  • Dentures would be the recommended bargain option.
    A perfect smile every time at a fraction of the cost.

    • Profile Avatar checks out.

    • Yo Meho … re:

      'Dentures would be the recommended bargain option … (etc.)'

      They would certainly be the 'bargain option', but it's odds on this is already what the OP is currently using (hence my question in this respect/about how they are finding them, above). The important thing to note here is that the OP is only 22 years of age. Given this, the 'value' of an investment in some mini-implants (at least up the front) ASAP/right now would be immense over their future lifetime, compared to the value that those same mini-implants would represent to someone who was, for example, aged in their 60s. It would be a real shame if the OP was 'stuck with/messed around with' dentures for the next couple of decades, then got the mini-implants while they were in their 40s … because that would essentially just mean they had unnecessarily put up with a major inconvenience for 20 years.

  • Check out Liddums dental All-on-4 service in Adelaide.

  • I would recommend these guys

    They can do full cycle implants in-house, mine was around $3,500 for a front tooth.

    • Not sure if doing it internationally will be cheaper as you will require multiple international trips.

      • Depending on his situation, it might be better to stay for a few months till your whole treatment is sorted. Either way, should cost much less than it does here.

  • Mate , Philippines is the go
    had all my front 6 upper done with EMAX crowns, rest of mouth restored for 4K —-"oz 25K quote

    is at Angeles City 4hrs out of Manila , she has a driver who will pick you up from MIA in modern air con car ,& take you back, also pick you up from Hotel for all the dental work ,deliver you to shopping malls
    has all services on site , people from all over, go to this surgery

    really great experience, worst part for me at 6' 3" is the flight

    good luck with getting there , but at 65K !! no way would i consider having done here
    I went to 'oz dentist got a report done ,sent it to Dr Tey , she gave me 5 option quotes, from the cheaper crowns through to the top of the line .mine was 2nd from top
    we made mistake of booking Hotel on line , there are lots of modern accommodation all around the streets close by for $15-25 a day , 1-b/room with all amenities ,air, fridge, tv etc … area plenty of westerners wandering around


  • $65k is ridiculous amount.

    With that amount of money, you could take a first class flight to Thailand, spend months there and get your teeth fixed and come back happier with a new smile.

    I had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted along with 4 fillings done and dental clean in Bangkok for their top end amount and service (which included X-Rays), all this equated to about AU$70. I know of other people that get false teeth made for pennies on the dollar compared to their local quotes of several thousand.

  • If i was you i would just wait for international travel to ramp up again and get a whole set of teeth done in bali for 10k

  • 65k.. thats crazy.

    I would definitely wait until international travel open back up. I'm sure it will cost a fraction of that in Thailand and if you go to a reputable clinic, the quality will be just as good, if not better.

  • Yeah go to Bali or Thailand on a working holiday visa, stay for 3 months or however long it takes to get it done.

  • Griffith Uni has both student and private dentistry services. It might be a bit cheaper, and you might make an interesting case for them