Replacement Mechanical Keyboard for Faulty Logitech

I've been using a Logitech G810 keyboard I got off Gumtree some time ago. For most of the time I've had it, it's been somewhat temperamental in staying connected. More recently it seems to drop connection more and more often and unplugging and plugging it back in may or may not get it working again for a period of time. Removed the casing and discovered a loose screw that had a wire from the USB cable connected to it. Tightened it back up but didn't seem to fix things for long.

So, long story short I'm looking for a replacement. I'm not really a gamer, have just gotten used to the feel and backlighting on the keyboard so aren't really looking at spending a great deal of money on another.

Currently looking at either the Cougar Vantar MX or Logitech G413. Wondering what people's opinions are on either of these or any other suggestions at a similar price.



  • If you aren't a gamer but want backlights there are a few options.

    Ducky keyboards are high quality (I rate the Shine 7), sometimes reasonably priced (not the Shine), and a range of decent switches.

    I'd suggest going somewhere to try the switches if you can. I also resonate with Cherry Brown or their equivalents … I want some feedback but not a loud click (which you'll get with blues).

    Whatever keyboard you look for, Google the model and try to find out if there are "pings" in the case, particularly from the space bar.

    I'd also recommend trying to get a detachable USB cable.

  • Thanks for the reply. From what I've read, the switches in the Logitech are a close comparison for Cherry Reds. And as I am used to them I thought of just going the cheaper Logitech (G413).

    There is definitely a lot of information out there and a lot of choice.

  • Look into custom mechanical keyboards. Heaps heaps better than your overpriced Logitech or Corsair keyboards you find in store

  • Look into Keychron, first mech keyboard i've bought and love it. Great if you want to use USB and bluetooth to connect to 2-4 different devices

  • Attempt to reinstall the Logitech G Software or switch to a older version before purchasing a new keyboard

    • Tried all that already. Sometimes will go days without dropping out, other times will do it continuously for hours so kinda over it. Thought I had finally cracked it when finding the loose screw with a wire coming from the USB but no such luck. Hence looking for a replacement.

  • It wouldn't be OzBargain without a bargain :

    It's the Cherry red style switches, if you can see yourself living without the numpad. I think this one is usually sold close to / around $200 locally, so its a pretty decent discount.

  • I got the Logitech G613 wireless keyboard. I wanted the mechanical keys, but not the wanky backlighting. It's been a good keyboard so far, but i miss type a lot on it with my big, fat fingers

  • Against the crowd of mechanicals, have you considered the MX Keys? Best keyboard I've ever had

  • IBM Model M. These are decades old and will last decades more.

    Mine was built in 1994.

  • Ducky fan here. Love it.
    Clickety clack.

  • Ducky is frequently recommended and while I haven't used them myself, I have heard good things about them.

    Leopold is fairly good as well. She was bit hesitant on using a mechanical keyboard because of the noise of her typing might be an issue when she's attending meetings. I got one with MX Silent Red from Leopold for her work, and she loves it. I liked the internals and how they added noise reducing foams in, makes my life slightly easier.