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15% off T Totaler Loose Leaf Teas and Accessories + Delivery (Free with $30 Spend) @ T Totaler Tea


I got some of this tea in a gift pack from work at Christmas and can’t get enough of the Foraging for Berries.

The little strainer scoop they sell is clever too - it’s a spoon and a tea strainer in one. It’s the spork of tea. A… sprainer? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also the apothecary style jars look cool.

Tldr; Fancy expensive loose leaf tea for 15% less than usual and free shipping over $30.

We package our loose-leaf tea and herbal blends in beautiful amber glass pharmaceutical jars, glass test tubes or recyclable kraft bags. Every blend has been lovingly packaged, hand labeled and stamped. We want you to know that you are drinking something special when you receive one of our teas.

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  • 15% off T Totaler Loose Leaf Teas

    I read that as "Total Loser Leaf Teas"…

    They might want to sack their marketing team…