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Dyson V11 Outsize Vacuum Cleaner $1099 + Delivery (C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


quite in love with my dyson v8, was thinking about this V11 but it is meant for bigger houses. Still seems like a good price for this model.

found it here

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  • $1000+ for vacuum cleaner 😭

    Also just a note - Weight 3.6 kilos

  • https://moderncastle.com/dyson-v6-vs-v7-vs-v8-vs-v10-vs-v11/

    This website helps compare weights and suction of the different Dyson stick vacuum models.

  • I got my dad a Xiaomi and I got a t20 dreame, while I saved some coin, regret it, sure others are happy but I much prefer my old Dyson. It’s much more instant. Just my two cents though, I’m prob gonna go back to Dyson once they breakdown

    • what do you mean "it's much more instant"?

      • Its a strange half sec or less delay from when u press the button to when the cyclone vacuum kicks in, it’s minor but noticeable. I didn’t get it on my old Dyson. It’s just me being picky I guess

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    same price as Dyson own website


    and you get Bonus Filter too


      oh… did not see that, on getprice i saw it at $1235. well, no real bargain here. thanks for noticing!

  • Is this just the new price of these? seems everyone including Dyson has them for this price now.

    Whats the expected lifespan?

  • Same price @ Dyson, Bing Lee and Betta Electrical

    And Good Guys are already cheaper

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    New model rumoured to be coming out this year. Usually these fall a couple hundred dollars once new model comes out

    • Any links/details you can share on this?

      I'm thinking about getting a V11 but not in a desperate rush if the new one is potentially out in the next couple of months for example.

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        Don't have any saved, but googling it the other day and rumours said next few months.

        I have a V10 and the battery is getting a bit old, so looking to replace at some point. New models are always much more powerful. The V11 oversize one looks great, but they didn't do a new one in 2020 with Covid, so rumour is they will launch one this year with more power and better batteries.

        More suction power would be better, as they don't last long on max, and also the spinning head can "fuzz" high pile carpets. So higher suction might mean you can run a not motorised head.

  • My suspicion too, and I hope so. My family has a v11 outsize and it’s absolutely amazing. Tad heavy but fine for me. Only thing I’m waiting for is a dramatic price reduce or the v12

  • The pricing of these cordless vacuums is getting a bit ridiculous. $1k for a cordless vacuum which the battery will be probably stuffed in 2 years like previous dysons.

    I still think the suction you get from say the Miele C3 is far superior to these stick vacuums. Plus, it's a hell of a lot quieter and only cost $300 on special. I'd take a Miele any day of the week over these.

    Might contemplate a cheap stick vacuum for quick use in tiled areas, but not for a whole house proper clean, and not for $1k.

    • Same could be said for cordless tools in the beginning. Now some say saws are on par with corded. You’re always going to pay extra for new tech. I imagine all these new cordless appliances are going to start using larger 21700 batteries to get even more power.

    • Our Miele C3 was good, but this has been so much more convenient with only slight performance loss.

      Just grab it off the wall and go when you need, instead of fiddling about and getting the vacuum out and plugging it in

    • Totally agree. Dyson is a genius selling basically pure plastic for $1000. Can't believe they just glue the plastic drive gears inside the powerheads to metal pins. Repaired a few for friends, wont be getting my $$.

      Do yourself a favour, buy a Kirby (G6 onwards for weight reduction and self drive motor) from FB Market place for $100 or less.
      Empty the thing once a year max, it will still run like new in 20+ years (yes 20 years). The inconvenience of a chord vs the inconvenience of cleaning the filters frequently, let alone washing secondary filters, HEPA filters etc. Plus a Kirby has actual real suction. Everyone forgets these 'convenient' vacs are near useless very quickly if you don't look after ALL the filters. I recon a bagged/ chorded is easier in terms of net effort.

      If you have an older stick vac and the battery is dieing. Hook it up to a drill battery. I grabbed a stick vac from hard rubbish and turfed the 12v nicads, connected a 18v Makita battery (3D printed an adaptor). Spins up nicely now.

      Lastly, I was in Kmart today. Saw they have a $110 stick vac that looks like a V10 copy. Same rubbish filter design and emptying system as a Dyson. 22v battery with a turbo button like a Dyson. Suction felt pretty weak like a Dyson. I assume the battery will be shot in a few years like a Dyson. Just $900 cheaper.

      If you are a person that has to give away a decent amount of $$ to 'feel' like you are buying something good, look at the Samsung range. Still WAY over priced. But better design in my Opinion.

  • edit: RogueWolf's ↑↑↑coupon code/link↑↑↑ is the first time I have ever seen this model under 1k.

    I did see this in-store and I have to say, since my V6 Dyson these things are getting gargantuously monolithicly huuUUUGEE and HEAVY, for only 25 % extra width…

    It's getting awfully expensive to keep up to date with the latest yearly vacuum/phone/drone/GPU releases. I would be all for a manufacturer making a all-in-one vacuum/phone/drone/GPU for the 2k mark instead of getting 4 separate devices.

    • Lol. I neither update my vacuum, phone, drone or GPU yearly.

      5+ yearly for each, drone not worth owning with flight restrictions.

      • "drone not worth owning with flight restrictions."

        I was keen on something like a Skydio 2, but from the more reliable DJI, but the new DJI FPV is basically illegal to fly in Aus', though thankfully stores like JB have big disclaimers about this so people don't get into it only to realise when it's too late.

  • I bought this last year to replace a V6 Absolute. Yes, the price is insane for a vacuum, but considering:
    * The amount of time I've saved with a wide head, large bin (easier to empty than the V6, too), and not having to plug anything in to clean an area
    * The long running battery means I can now clean every room in my house without having to stop and wait for it to charge, not to mention it tells you how much run time you have left
    * The assortment of accessories

    It's been worth the initial expense (I also just put in a price protection claim).

  • I got a Dyson V10 ($600-$700) and Dreame V9 (~$300), they both works well for almost all house cleaning. Spending $1k is quite overkill and won’t necessary for most household. In addition, this is heavy.

  • Well I just sent the link to my partner for her to have a look at what she thought of the price - Turns out she misunderstood what I was implying and bought it……….new vacuum for me I guess

  • I scored one for $750 from Home Clearance a few weeks ago. Few hardly visible scuff marks otherwise unused. An upgrade from V7 to cope with upgrade to two Labradors. I’m a small 60 year old woman and I cope with the size and weight with no trouble. Definitely worth the upgrade if you have dogs and carpet.