How to Unlock Telstra Mf910y Wi-Fi Modem?

How do I unlock Telstra MF910Y Wi-Fi modem?

The Telstra chat was unhelpful, and can't do it also not looking to pay $80 for this.. might as well go buy a new unlocked one for that price.

Can't find anything on eBay for unlocking codes, found a website but it's confusing and can't find the model on there, what can I do?


  • EDIT: Nope scrap that - Didnt actually read the instructions and see they wanted money

    How to Unlock Telstra Australia ZTE MF910Y WiFi MiFi Router?
    1. Switch Off the Telstra Australia ZTE MF910Y WiFi router.

    1. Change the default SIM card with any other network provider.

    2. Now connect the Telstra Australia ZTE MF910Y to the PC using a USB cable.

    3. Browse for its default IP address ( or

    4. Log in to the device with admin/admin.

    5. It will open an NCK page.

    6. Enter here the correct unlock code, which is provided by

    7. Click OK.

    8. Now, your Telstra Australia ZTE MF910Y is unlocked forever.

    • thats the site i tried and I cant find the right model number to do it. and no idea how much it is

  • how long have you had the device? if its more than 6 months, its $27.50

  • I think you can only use a Telstra/Boost SIM in it, not a SIM on Telstra wholesale network.

  • Been through this…you cannot unlock it unless you pay $80. And it will take 10 live chats with Telstra before you get someone who understand what you want to do….

    Send me a PM, I'll send you an unlocked one.

  • How did you go?, found anything cheaper?

    I already have this router (Telstra branded), paid $35, hopping to find a cheaper option or is the best/only options?

    Anyone used modemsolution?, their price is $25.