Pondering The Important Questions (Limited Edition Foods)

Hey all,

Why is it that we aren't allowed the privilege of having access to Tangy Tomato chips (Thins Potato Chips/Crisps) or the Hot & Spicy chicken with KFC all year round? Or the Thins Hot & Spicy. This limited edition / limited time only thing is simply annoying and is sacrilegious!

Marketing brains behind it eh?


  • We need an ICAC investigation into this atrocity.

  • Because people buy more when it could be taken away from them………

    Same reason idiots collect stupid mini grocery products from Coles like a pack of smooth brains.

    • But if you get them all then you can fill up all the spots in the mini fridge.

    • You sound like you've read, 'Predictably Irrational", if you haven't, you sound like you'd enjoy it ☺️

  • or the Hot & Spicy chicken with KFC all year round?

    WA & QLD do…

    • That explains why, having spent the last 8 years in Brisbane and the 4 years before that in Perth, I'm struggling to figure out when H&S wasn't a year-round thing.

      • Yeah me too, Im in Brisbane and I was thinking am I making an idiot of myself asking for H&S all the time

  • Thins Hot & Spicy
    love this but it has been "limited edition" for 2 years lol
    why would hot and spicy only be year round for the hot states.. weird

    • Why is hot and spicy food popular in a lot of hot countries? - Thailand, India, West Indies, Mexico Etc.

      People like the taste, it's not necessarily about temperature (although it has been proposed that spicy food making you sweat can cool you down)

  • "limited edition" being the answer to your own question..

  • I'm in a different industry, but when a large proportion of your sales comes from new lines, I assume there is a large amount of growth/sales contributed to limited edition products.

  • Yet another first world problem?

    • not really, tangy tomato / tomato / tomato ketchup / spicy is a regular flavour for example, in many (considered non first world) countries. e.g. Frito Lays around the world.

  • Samboy Atomic Tomato