VW T-Cross - Models and pricing

Pretty basic post.

I like the look of it, I want to buy one.

As they are quite new there is not a heap of feedback on living with it. Does anyone own one with any real world feedback?

I'm thinking of the T-Cross Style (without the options) but the website hints at a CityLife Special Edition coming out. Does anyone know anything about it? or what the price might be?

And has anyone heard of success of anything off the list prices at the moment?

Update: Bought a Skoda Kamiq Limited Edition.


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    I like the look of it, I want to buy one.

    Sounds like you have already made your mind up

    • Agree. Test drive it, but it and give us a report in a few months.

      Don’t forget this is ozbargain. Don’t buy new, don’t buy Euro are quite popular opinions.

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    And has anyone heard of success of anything off the list prices at the moment?

    New car, lousy availability, low stock levels

    Good luck with that…

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      Do you just have this ready to copy and paste or do you write it out each time?

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        Unlike you and your pricing research, I put effort in each time

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          If I can't get a better price maybe they can throw in some extra coolant for my burn.

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        I don't get it.

        You ask a question. You don't get the answer you want and then complain.

        It's a VW.
        Customer service will be variable and even for known specific problems you will either be treated like a king or like a dog turd.

        At best you will have 6 years of trouble free motoring and then either a major component will fail requiring between $2k-$15k to repair or you will have multiple minor failures.

        At around 12 years the interior will start to melt. Foam will start to disintegrate in a sticky mess. The headlining will flap about like a sad imitation of a harem curtain. Switch gear will get sticky as the rubber coating perishes. Fabric glue will fail.

  • Slightly raised Polo - I don’t get it

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      It's now an SUV, which means everyone wants it.

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      Higher visibility and easier access.

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    Check out the Skoda Kamiq. Much better car and much better value.

    • Hmmm VW owned. I will check that out also. Thanks.

      Edit: Same engine by the looks of it.

      • Check out Porsche Boxster. Much better car and better value and VW owned.

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          But isn’t that just a poor man’s 911?

          I don’t want to look poor.

        • Lamborghini Urus?

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    I own one myself.

    If you do choose to buy just keep in mind that stock is stupidly limited - as soon as one comes in it's gone so don't expect any haggling or discounting. I got a massive…..$50 off of mine and according to another dealer, that was a mistake and should have never been offered. There was a ~5 month wait on some colours/options!

    Only things I can fault with the car is the sluggish acceleration from 0km/h when it's in 'normal' mode however the issue isn't prevalent in sports mode. Only other complaint would be the touchy braking when at slow speeds but that might just be me. Other than that, it's a great car. Would highly recommend it.

    Consider the Skoda Kamiq too and test drive both.

    • Awesome. Thank you! I will be checking out the Kamiq too.

      Did you get the Life or Style? And did you get any options? Any opinion on them?

      I want the Driver Assist Pack (option on Life, Standard on Style) but the sound package looks like over kill to me.

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        I got the style for the parking assist which has been a blessing for my anxiety and fear of tiny carparks. ACC has been flawless. Everything else was just a bonus.
        Blind spot monitoring and rear traffic alerts are the 2 big reasons I would want to upgrade for though. I feel like my suburb has an abnormal amount of shit drivers so the extra safety features are well worth it.
        Didn’t originally want the style for keyless entry but now I can’t go back.

        Sound and vision package - the beats system I originally had pretty low expectations but it’s quite beefy and has some oomph to it.
        The wireless charging I find pretty fidgety - I have an iPhone 12 pro max and it needs to be in a very specific spot to charge.
        If you’re a big Apple CarPlay / android auto user like me, just the wireless connection features are worth it by itself.

        Also got the r-line package, not because I wanted it but because the Style in the colour I wanted with the sound and vision package, the wait was 7 damn months as they had to fulfil previous orders.
        It’s just styling. Looks good but nothing I would go out of my way to get.

        Overall would highly recommend it but do obviously test drive first.
        It’s essentially a polo suv which people seem to think is a bad thing but if you’re a fan of small suv’s it’s a great alternative to the all famed CX3, Yaris-cross etc.

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    VW just diluting the POT like all the germans with CRAP.

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      Did you have an alternative or did you just need to vent?

  • I had one as a service car for a week. I really liked the height it gave me, the car felt both a little underpowered and smaller then my Golf. I also struggled to close the boot (short person). However it made me realised that I do want a SUV in the future, probably a T-Roc or Tiguan, with an automatic boot shutting function.

    So if height is not your first priority, you are better off with a Golf for a nicer driving experience, bigger space for things and a lower price tag.

    • I am now leaning towards the Skoda Kamiq but I will need to test drive both. I do want to height for easier access.

      Seems it’s built on the same platform, slightly cheaper base model and better equipped. Things like an automatic boot are an option.

      The engine size is a little concerning on the T-Cross and the Kamiq can be had with a 1.4L

      Thank you for your input!

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        I've got a Skoda Kamiq limited edition, had it for a few weeks. It has the 1.5L turbo engine and all the safety/driver assist tech.

        So much better than the t-cross, and a lot more included tech and options.

        I will say stock is hard to find, so call ahead to make sure they have something to test drive.

        • Have you seen any online pricing? The Kamiq doesn't seem to be in the "builder" on the Skoda website.

          • @happydude: The builder on the website is a bit of a mess.

            The limited edition is something like $36990 - includes bigger engine and the tech/driver assistance packs.

            Monte Carlo is closer to 40k but doesn't have all the tech/driver assistance.

            The base Kamiq with the 1.0 litre is high 20K price i think.

            Found this brochure useful to compare - https://storage.googleapis.com/adtorque-edge/api/skoda/broch...

          • @happydude: Can always use Carsales searching new cars only, and narrow down from there

            Or Redbook, which also lists the additional charges for different packs, or metallic paint etc

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              @spackbace: Between the brochure and Redbook it's pretty clear now other than the option prices but I can probably do some CarSales maths. Thanks guys!

  • I have one. Got it last May for my wife. So far it is perfect. Drives Ok, plenty of power, good on petrol. Wife had Suzuki SX before and VW is miles ahead. Suzuki was gutless. Plenty of room inside and all the bells and whistle you can imagine.

  • Update: Bought a Skoda Kamiq Limited Edition.

    • Woohoo! Congrats! What colour did you pick? You're lucky to find stock for the limited edition :)

      • Moon White. Had to test drive a Monte Carlo as they had non in stock.

        Dealer said late May delivery….. but commission number isn't showing on the skoda tracker so who knows.

        • Very nice. I got the race blue - first non-white car in a long time haha. I was going to wait for one off the ship but the dealer had just gotten one in stock in blue with a sunroof. Didn't necessarily want a sunroof but I got 5 years free servicing so it offset the cost of the sunroof, and meant I didn't have to wait :)

          Hopefully you get some more details soon and can find out when it will arrive!

          • @meowmeowmeow: You're lucky being in a state with more than 1 Skoda dealer…. none in stock, and so confident they will sell the few they can get in there was a firm no to any haggle.

            Paid list and only list. Going to buy the service pack through an east coast dealer just to spite them.

            There is a dealer in Mandurah but they said September at the earliest.

            • @happydude: Haha yeah it was a struggle to find something to test drive but we do have a few dealers within about 45 minute drive, so I called them all first to make sure we didn't waste our time.

              I also paid list price, but they gave me a great price on my trade in so it didn't feel so bad haha.

              You must have got one of the last ones from the May delivery - very lucky!

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    Different Brand, same crap!

    • So what should I have bought.

      Please enlighten me.

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