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Cloth Nappies $22 Each (Usually $27, Min 3 Qty) + $8 Shipping (Free over $100) @ Only about Nappies


A baby will go through approximately 2500 disposable nappies in their first year of life alone. These same nappies will sit in landfill for up to 500 years!
A Modern Cloth Nappy is re-usable, comfortable, and will save you so much money and ultimately will help to save our planet.
BabyTree is an established nappy brand in New Zealand, and has finally made it across the ditch to Australia.
These nappies have fantastic reviews - which should answer any questions or doubts you may have on this fantastic new trend.
The high quality of the product shows how good they are.
All of the mothers we have talked to who are using these are amazed at how well they work, and how easy it is to use.
The Bamboo fabric folding insert is extremely absorbent and results in less leaks than disposable nappies.
They fit well, clean easily, and babies bum stays nice and dry!

Each All In One (AIO) nappy is $22 each when buying 3 or more. Each Minis nappy is $22, no minimum purchase is required.
$8 Shipping Australia wide (usually $15). Free shipping for all orders over $100.
WITH discount code: MAR22 . The discount will be applied at checkout.
If you’re looking to start your cloth journey or bulk out your stash. NOW is the time!

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  • Specify which washing powder to use to avoid losing absorbency.

    $500 and 6 months into our nappies, we discovered this is #1 - we had to throw ours out. Multiple strip cleans didnt work. And it's a regular problem if you try buy any second hand.

    Any seller/product that doesn't specify this - STAY AWAY.

    • $500 for 6 months?
      I just went through my orders and spent around $1000 on disposable nappies over the course of 3 years.

      • you get money from the centrelink for each kid right?

      • We spent $500 and they were useless after 6 months. Binned and reverted to disposables.

        We're the type of family that produces very little waste (like.. Even recycles breadtags separately etc) but I wasn't going to be ripped that hard again.

    • Can you mention the nappy brand, the powder you used and powder/liquid that should have been used?

  • Reusable nappies have a larger carbon footprint factoring in landfill, utilise additional labour and resources. It’s not as straight forward as the rosy picture the post is suggesting.

    • That can't be right.

      Most people in this country use a hills hoist to dry their clothes, and you can opt to hand wash….

      I think the study you're looking at assumes the worst.

      In any event, babies are bad for the environment no matter which way you look at it.

    • Larger than what?

    • Nah.. You'll know that's wrong if you just think about it.

      Whilst it's probably wrong for one kid (say 4 per day by 2.5 years = 4000 disposables) just think of multiple kids. Then they get passed on to another family. One set with our friends has now done four kids that's 12 reusables saving 16000 nappies. And still going strong.

      The numbers actually rack up even higher because babies do way more than 4 per day.

      If you don't have the problems we had that is.

  • What a great alternative to disposable nappies.
    I've read that 2 billion disposable nappies go into landfill in Australia every year, 4% of our landfill is comprised of disposable nappies and they can take up to 500 years to decompose (plastic components). What an environmental disaster that is.
    The website babybehinds.com.au estimates that disposable nappies will cost $3,250 per child, so choosing reusable nappies is one of the great Ozbargain choices you can make.
    All our 4 kids were in cloth nappies. We even used them when bush camping around Oz with our first two.
    Years ago 100% of families used cloth nappies. Now only 5% do.
    Reusable nappies are a big financial win for families and a big win for the environment.
    When my kids have children, I'm buying them a pack of reusable nappies like these.

    • What’s your story davebern? You’ve cut and pastes this comment on 7 nappy deals from this mob. You just love cloth nappies? Or spamming us?

      • Shrug. You'll probably get my first comment on every thread like this too. Great concept but buyer beware.

      • I'm a big fan of cloth nappies because of the terrible environmental impacts of disposable nappies, which many people are not aware of.
        I've also posted similar comments on others competitors that sell clothes nappies.

        • Cool. I like them too. We use a mix of disposable and cloth based on how much energy we have. And how much cleaning shit we’re up to doing.

    • Refer to my comment above on how much I spent, not to mention that I didn't have to pay more to wash/etc. I'm not saying no to cloth nappies, but if you're on ozbargain, I'm sure you can spend a lot less.