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Reolink Argus Eco 1080p Wire-Free Rechargeable Battery Wi-Fi IP Security Camera $75.20 Delivered @ Reolink


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  • What's a good system/app to do home automation with these? For example, if motion detected on this camera, turn on this smart light.

  • From my understanding, these cameras are only motion detection activated… i.e. you cant connect to blue iris for 24/7 recording…

    • Hay OP @dealbest,

      Is this true, can you confirm?

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        I have one of these, it doesn't have onvif or rtsp so cannot be hooked into Blue iris in that way. It's battery powered so cannot stream 24x7x365.

        it also has a time lapse mode where you can have it take a pic on a regular basis and it makes this into a video, however again, not continuous due 24x7x365 due to battery considerations.

        I've used https://github.com/thirtythreeforty/neolink for other non-battery cameras however have yet to test with battery based cameras.

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        @Kas, That's correct. If you want 24/7 recording, I recommend you PoE IP Cameras combining NVR.

  • Have 3 of these. Work very well. Very reliable and battery life is quite good at 6-8 weeks on a full charge. Full google home compliant also. Been very happy with mine as they are only require for motion detection.

  • Tried the argus 2. Sent it back as it always missed most of the person walking in front of it. Had 4 deliveroes at front door and none picked up

  • Thanks OP got one. I’ve got 3 of the PT’s and they work well.
    The picture quality isn’t amazing, you can’t tell the number plates or faces. But it’s good night vision and alerts are fairly quick.
    Loading in the app is slow, but once loaded it’s high speed feed.

  • Dealbest, any other discount codes for other cameras?