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SIM Only Ultra Monthly Mobile Plan: Unlimited Calls & Text, 500GB, Bonus 3-Month Prime & Music Unlimited, $60/Month @ Vodafone


Seems that this deal as back. Previously posted back on the 29th of Jan and marked as expired.

This is not a bad deal at all if Vodafone coverage is good in your area. I know it says it cant be a substitute for home internet however I have however seen posts that confirm you can use it without Vodafone barring the service.

  • $60 per month. This is a saving of $60 per month for the first 12 months then resets to $120 per month.
  • 500 gig of data at full speed. This seems to be ongoing unlike the above point.
  • Infinite speed of 25 Mbps once your allowance has been reached. You can still stream HD with this speed.
  • Amazon Prime and Music for 3 months.

I am aware that Felix is unlimited at 20 Mbps and is cheaper however, you don't get the full Vodafone experience being 5G, VOLTE, VOWIFI.

I am with Telstra and although this is a cracker of a deal, I do need Telstra coverage where I am. Otherwise, I would have seriously looked at this offer.

I believe Vodafone still has the agreement with Optus to fall back onto their 3G network in rural areas where there is no Vodafone coverage. The speeds are crap but, I guess this is more for voice in case of an emergency. Just make sure you have roaming switched on. You will know when you are on the Optus network as you will see a "R" where the network description is. For example, you will see "Vodafone R" instead of "Vodafone"

Hopefully it helps a few people out.

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  • “Tethering permitted but for personal devices only and not as a substitute for a home internet service.” stops me from applying for it

    • There's a bit of discussion about this on whirlpool as many believe they're just keeping that line in there to keep the NBN happy. There isn't any evidence of anyone actually being cut off but obviously, if you go well over the 500GB and just keep hammering the connection at 25mbps after then expect to be cut off.

      • What speeds and ping are people reporting?

        Care to share a link to the specific thread?

        • Most of the discussion has occurred in the Felix mobile forum:

          Whilst the ping in the screenshots on there are valid, note that Felix is $35 for unlimited data capped at 20mbps (hence most speedtests in the thread cap out at 20mbps) but all the discussion about the "not as a substitute for a home internet service" is still valid as Felix is 100% owned/operated by Vodafone, use the same network and have all the same polices.

          I recently switched from Optus to Vodafone and have found speeds to sit around 30-50mbps download (peak was 110mbps in inner Brisbane) obviously speeds all depend on your area.

    • We're hot-spotting six devices right now. We'll try 20 devices this weekend.

  • They give you 500gb a month and expect you to use it entirely on your phone?

    So using it for streaming services on a TV would technically be grounds for them terminating the plan?

  • Does this plan supports 5G?

      • Thanks for the info but I couldn’t find it declare one any of their description

        • I’ve just confirmed with voda and this does not support 5G

          • @sicaboy: Sounds like you got someone who either didn't know or didn't care, which is a shame.

            When you click on the above link…….

            "With these plans, you can use your 5G approved device on our 5G/4G/3G networks in Australia. Vodafone’s 5G network is progressively being rolled out to selected areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth."

            Seems that it does include 5G

    • Anyone knows of a 5G mobile broadband router you can buy outright?

  • Had used voda for last 10+ Years, terrible speed in Sydney and very limited network in rural

  • Cashrewards has a 90% cash back if applying online

    • Sounds like that will be for the first month. Great deal regardless.

    • Cashback is payable on approved and eligible postpaid & prepaid voice & mobile broadband plans that remain active for a minimum of 90 days for postpaid, and 60 days for prepaid.

      Minimum spend to get the cashback is therefore $180 and you then get $54 back.

      Total cost over the first 3 months (assuming cashback tracks and is paid): $126
      Average monthly cost over the first 3 months: $42.

      Not bad!