No Transaction History for eBay Gift Cards

Just as anyone else I enjoyed discounted ebay egifts cards trying to save some extra.

The problem, however, is that there is no accountability. It does not show on paypal tax invoice or in ebay how and which part of card have you used, no transaction history when you check balance. During the last couple of years ebay increasingly becomes dodgier in my experience. I would not be surprised if a couple of dollars will accidentally "dissappear" here or there…

  1. Is there any way to check and do some basic accounting? Maybe I am missing some options?
  2. Has anyone been able to positively observe funds leakage?

I have always speculated about that and now as I was checking out card's balance suddenly changed to show $2 less just as I was selecting another (not related to that card) voucher. Which made me think about it again.

PS No, there is no way for me to track the transactions back, too many variables involved. I have used multiple gift cards and vouchers.

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