Where to buy Bitcoins?

Hi all

I've finally managed to get my head around this Bitcoin thing.

Does anyone know where I can buy bitcoins online using a credit card, paypal or bank deposit. All the sites I've found either no longer offer services in Australia, charge huge commissions or are out of bitcoins.

I only need about $35 worth of BTC.





    I have successfully used that site to both sell bitcoins (May/June 2011) and buy (December). They're often out of bitcoins but always willing to buy. I guess you've already seen this web site.

    No one will sell bitcoins to new purchasers using PayPal or a credit card. It's far too easy to reverse the charges and rip the seller off.


    Just google "Bitcoin Exchange" to see some of the exchanges there, i.e. trading between bitcoin and other currencies. Mt.Gox is one of the biggest ones there. Bitcoin Chart gives you current and historic trading price from many major exchanges.

    I'll say that the pricing fluctuates a lot. Bitcoin Charts might say that it has been trading between USD$4-$6 over the last 60 days, however it was trading at around $18-$20 less than 6 months ago. It would suck if you bought some then.


    You can also use Bit Innovate https://bitinnovate.com They currently accept deposits at the Commenwealth bank and I think their minimum is only $20. I have used them a few times now and I have been really happy with their service.


    mine them.. it takes a bit of work..


    http://Spendbitcoins.com is good and Ive bought heaps of coins through Jeremy.
    http://mrbitcoins.com is run by the same people who run cryptoxchange.com
    www.omnicoins.com is another I havent had much to do with.

    http://bitinnovate.com is looking nice and the owners seem trustworthy.

    Im trying to get a site up for http://bitcoin.com.au where people can find places more easily.



    Goto #ozcoin on irc.freenode.net

    Look for Graet, he runs http://ozco.in/ I think it is the 10th largest bitcoin mining pool.

    He will fix you up.



    I buy my bitcoins here: http://www.smart-world.dk

    You can pay with credit card and paypal


    Never buy bitcoins online…

    I remember there was a site where you could advertise and meet in person, but I cannot remember what it was…

    Either way with so many people with bitcoins, it's easy to find a seller to peg your price to. Someone to physically meet and transfer before you physically exchange cash.

    There is nothing illegal about this, so you don't really need anonymity to buy coins.


    I have purchased Bitcoins off Bit Innovate more than 20 times now and I have always received my coins in under 2 hours. https://bitinnovate.com/but-bitcoins/


    https://www.omnicoins.com is the best place to buy bitcoins in Australia right now. They accept deposits at Commonwealth Bank, NAB, and Westpac. They are cheap and easy to use, and they have no minimum deposit size so you can test them out with a small purchase first if you want.


    ponzi scheme much?


      Nope, that would be far more interesting but it doesn't fall under the definition of a ponzi.

      On a completely unrelated note…anyone care to buy a tulip bulb? ;)


    How do you mine these things?


      Run the miner, but you need to have FGPA or ASIC to be competitive due to Australia's high electricity prices. Further complicated by the new carbon tax.


    For those interested, Planet Money just did a piece on Bitcoins. Moral of the story, right now it's pretty much exclusively a speculative market.
    Don't invest any money you're not prepared to lose, because currently it looks a lot like a bubble that's about to burst.


    I find the best place to buy coins is http://buybitcoinaustralia.com.au
    The rate is cheap and you receive your coins instantly without having to go to a bank.


    I need information on this as well as want to buy some BTC in AUD?

    Don't mind paying higher rate as I only want a couple - but just don't want to get ripped!


    A good place to buy bitcoins in Australia is


    It's reliable, cheap, quick and easy to use.




    Another good one is http://www.bitcoinsp2p.com/
    They have a good set price and you are able to use Paypal


    Thanks for the tips - have been using https://www.bitXoin.com as they seem the best priced and have always been fast to process (even afterhours)

    Definitely recommend them as have not had any issues after about 8 transactions of 40+BTC total.

    They are located in Surfers Paradise as well (always my favorite QLD holiday spot - hahaha)


    I have 1 Bitcoin from an old transaction where I bought from 2 places by mistake.
    Let me know if anyone wants one and we can workout some way to transfer. I'm in Melbourne


    I know this post is old, but the crypto currency game has changed quite a bit since the op asked this question, anyone new who stumbles upon this question, I would recommend checking out https://www.coinsect.com.

    CoinSect is an Sydney based marketplace that you can buy bitcoins and other alt coins. It differs from an exchange that you buy directly from the sellers themselves, most of the sellers allow buying as small as 0.1 BTC.

    Note: I am affiliated with https://www.coinsect.com, but I really do believe it is one of the safest ways to buy bitcoin, litecoin, darkcoin, dodgecoin and blackcoin in Australia.

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