Looking for Backpack to Use for Uni

I'm looking to get a new backpack as my current one's zip is busted. Can I get some recommendations as to which backpack I should get? Ideally it should be able to fit: Laptop (13 inch), some notebooks, pencil case, lunch box and a bottle of water. As to the price range, around $30, but can go a fair bit higher if the quality (hoping to last at least a year) is good.

I have looked at: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/anti-theft-fortress-backpack-wi...

It seems decent except it is quite slim with the width at just 10cm. Not sure if it is 10 cm fully expanded or the package (empty is 10cm).


  • I've always liked rectangle shaped surf brand backpacks if you can get a good price.

    Well padded straps, padded back, and a sleeve inside the back for slipping a laptop into, has always served my needs adequately.

    You don't need anything fancy but always worth leaving an old t-shirt in the bottom for extra padding so your laptop edge doesn't get scraped when putting the bag down on concrete.

  • Have a look at Timbuk2. I currently own a Spire and carry my work laptop and a few other items for work and I've been happy with it. It's got nice padding for comfort and large compartments for all my gear.

  • A leather messenger bag could serve you well if you don't need to carry around textbooks. Much more stylish.

  • plastic bag

  • https://dbjourney.com/shop

    My favourite bag company bit pricey but we'll worth it.

  • Any of the business laptop bags (I only know Dell ones..) are actually quite well designed

    Maybe check them out, they're VERY functional, may not be so stylish though.

    Otherwise, a few targus ones are okay as well.

    PeakDesign ones are very nice, but quite pricey.

    Disclosure: I work for Dell EMC not Dell, and definitely am not an official Dell store rep, so I can't help anyone in an official capacity either (sort of like working for Big W but commenting on Woolworths posts..)

  • Literally went to Kmart yesterday and picked up this one…


    Am pretty impressed for the $12 price.

    Has laptop sleeve. Comes with pencil case and notebook too.

    Side note: I also still have a Kmart backpack purchased in 2008! Slightly broken now but still keep as it's perfect size for flying with carry-on only.

  • I prefer the highsierra ones. Found them to be quite comfortable and extremely durable

  • An alien backpack might be a good choice