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40% off Mens Clothing by Ben Sherman, Lacoste & Tommy Hilfiger @ Myer


Another Daily deal from Myer, this Sale should Apply in store too

40% off Mens Clothing by Ben Sherman, Lacoste & Tommy Hilfiger

FREE Delivery with $49 Spend or C&C with No Min Spend.

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    I get the feeling that Tommy has moved from slightly premium to just general wear

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      It's general wear in US and Canada. But it's premium in Au with overly inflated pricing.

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        But it's premium in Au

        Some may hold the perception that Tommy is "premium" but it's actually on par with Target clothing, quality-wise.

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          Some may hold the perception that Tommy is "premium" but it's actually on par with Target clothing, quality-wise.

          Absolutely correct.

          Tommy Hilfiger isn't a proper 'designer' brand anymore but are now part of the 'Van Heusen' garbage group that have third parties produce low quality garments with their logo on it for a fee (that's why you see them everywhere now).

          It literally is just paying premium for the blue and red label which for some reason some people think are cool.

      • But it's premium in Au with overly inflated pricing.

        Most products manufactured internationally are priced higher in Australia.

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      Went downhill dramatically when it became an eshay's brand of choice

      • Does tommy do bum bags?

      • +2

        No that would still be Nautica

    • Tommy Hilfiger was sold at Harris Scarfe until about 6-7 years ago… it was always ultra discounted back then

      • Yeah its only since the 90s resurgance of brands like Tommy, Fila, champion etc in the 3-4 years have seen the prices go right up.

    • As in brand or quality? Just asking because their clothing quality is still pretty damn good..

      • +10

        I wear Tommy polos very often and I like the quality and fit

        The small logo is neat and not smack bang look at me logos

        • My thoughts exactly! I've enjoyed TH for over 25 years.

          • @Steakz: The better made shirts are still great - however some of them have dropped in quality and aren't much chop, see one of the above comments for more information.

    • Since 2010 at least.

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    Myers is just a rip-off merchant. Costco had Tommy Hilfiger jackets one sale… RRP was $249, sale price was $89. Myers is selling hoodies for over $100.

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      Why are people negging this comment? Perhaps some people are so shallow and pretentious that they cant handle the truth… non-truth handlers!

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      Myers is ONLY good when they have sales on their clearance products, you effectively end up paying 25-30% of RRP. Same with DJ

      • +1

        Was also great when I was 40kg heavier, pretty much one of the few places you can buy decent quality fat man clothes

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        It's called Myer.

        • +1

          People not paying attention to store name; your nana could get away with calling it Myers but that doesn’t mean you should. Imagine the money spent on brand communication over the decades and yet the name is not recognised correctly 🤣

    • It’s goddamn 2021 and bogans still calling this place ‘Myers’

      • Here comes the intellectually superior being teaching us bogans the right terminology…

        • +1

          ‘Myers’ is literally the uncultured version of what people call ‘Myer’

          • -1

            @cclx: Uncultured people have same rights as cultured ones. I don't think I'm going to Myers today.

            • +1

              @RSmith: And this is the problem with Myer. It positions itself as semi-upmarket but attracts a crowd that it does not necessarily want

              • -1

                @cclx: That crowd is keeping it alive. Now time for you to build a bridge and get over it.

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      Costco sells items that are specifically sold only at Costco. The quality and price are different.

    • It's 'Myer'.

      Unless of course you're a 'Kmarts' type of person..

      • It's 'Myer'.

        It's closed now.

  • Are Lacoste polos still made in France. Hard to find good info!

    • +2

      No, it's made in China now

    • +1

      Not the ones sold in Australia, AFAIK.
      The last I've seen made in France ones are back in the late nineties/early '00s.
      They are doing the apple thing with, designed in France and made in China.

      • +1

        They are doing the apple thing with, designed in France and made in China.

        Same as Bonds… Designed in Australia, made in China.

        Sometimes makes me wonder what designing the underwear designers do? Especially for males.

        • Material specification would be very important, as well as a whole bunch of "how do we make this cheaply and not be bad" by changing the way it's made.

          • @Zephyrus: Agreed, but once the template is in place it won't be changing often.

            • @RSmith: You'd be surprised. It's all continous improvement stuff e.g. new/lower cost material suppliers as well as designing and building better jigs and machines.

              • @Zephyrus: I doubt the underwear designers are involved with the design of the machines. One is fashion and the other is engineering.

    • +1

      No, and they are so short and wide fitting, really odd fit. Fine if your a small person though. A shame because the material and MOP buttons are nice. RL changed their material (much stiffer now) and custom fit too, hard to find a good polo these days.

    • They have a made in France collection (not the standard colour range though) but most don’t stock in Aus due to price range. You’d be paying $250+ each

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    Peoples really buy lacoste nowadays ? Nobody buy that brand anymore in france. I remember when I was a teen , buying my first lacoste jogging suit: 1000 francs ! That time , lacoste was a luxury brand

    • +3


    • I still remember getting my first hand me down Lacoste polo in the late 80s from a cousin who was much older than me. I wore it for years. I must have been the first to rock the label at Richmond High (Vic), though no one back then knew what it was. In fact, the shirt lasted longer than the school did…

    • Well, Novak Djokovic also wears the Lacoste polos shirts he's given … ;-)

    • +3

      i do. i like the alligator

    • Lacoste is trying too hard to appeal to the younger crowd when clearly it's a "grand dad" brand.

  • +8

    Lol…I remember 35+ years ago, queuing up for hours to purchase Lacoste clothing at warehouse sales when they were at their peak . And also buying "genuine" Lacoste in Penang only to have the croc fall off in the first wash…

  • Thanks bought two Lacoste polos

  • OP why is the blue model 149 and black one 159. The $30 coupon only works for the black one. Is there a model difference? Or just colour?

    • +22

      Why would op know something like that?

      • Sorry, this comment was meant for the renpho massager. Error on my end…. My son was playing around with my phone

    • +1

      What coupon?

  • Thanks for posting OP! Was hoping it would include socks but doesnt seem to be the case. Will pick up some polos

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    Thanks bought three Lacoste polos

    • +9

      Spend $800 on return flights to buy a fake polo at a market. Sound investment.

  • Need help with Lacoste shirt sizing pls guys. If I wear M in adidas shirts, what size should I buy in Lacoste? Cheers.

    • Not sure if this is any help as I dont wear addidas. I am short 5.6 ft and wear hilfiger small polos and lecoste M. I wear them everyday for work and they hang a tad long but shrink a tiny bit even in cold wash. Therefore they end up close to perfect

      • +1

        This. Lacoste and Ben Sherman (European) typically run a size smaller than the Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren (American) shirts

        • Bang on! I wear Tommy L and Lacoste L1212 Classic fit as M. Please note that Lacoste polos comes in Classic/Regular/Slim Fits. Slim Fit would be one size larger, unsure about Regular Lacoste fit though.

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      You worry about the quality of clothes so you buy them used?

      • +1

        Makes sense. If it has fallen dramatically over the decades, two or three decade old clothes will be of higher quality.

      • There's a multitude of reasons I purchase most of my clothing pre-owned, including quality (in addition to better constructed vintage items, I can buy higher quality modern items that would be out of my price range when new).

        Not sure why I've been downvoted.

        • -1

          I didn't downvote you - just puzzled as used clothing tends to look worse than lower quality new clothing.

          • @Make it so: All clothes look more worn with each use, but higher quality clothes tend to age more slowly (or more elegantly) of course. I could buy both a 1 year old Lady White Co tee that's been worn a dozen times and a brand new K-Mart tee. On the surface, the LWC tee might at that point look 'worse'. But a half-dozen washes of each tee later and you can bet the LWC tee is going to have aged much better.

            In addition to full grain leather boots (eg my 2 year old Carmina Jumpers), many clothes will look BETTER with time such as Christian Kimber's garment-dyed pants and shirts. My blue chinos from CK have aged beautifully.

            • @Shiny Mew: Fair enough - I don't buy enough branded clothes to know :)

              • @Make it so: Branded will usually always keep it's shape & colour longer after washes where as stuff like Kmart just fade, the fabric wears our so end up thinner and colour goes.

  • Just note that TH has “sales” that are regularly 40-60% throughout the year (as you can combine their VIP discount of 10% to every sale they have) so best to sign up to their newsletter.

    TH have joined those brands where I never buy unless half off.

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