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[VIC] 500 Plastic Knives $2.97 @ Costco Epping (Membership Required)


[VIC] 500 Plastic Knives $2.97 @ Costco Epping (Membership Required)

Seems good price, of you need that quantity.

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  • i thought plastic cutlery (and straws) were banned (or going to be)

  • Banned in SA now. Went to Hungry Jacks and got a wooden set yesterday 😳

    • That's awesome!

      • No way. Feeling in the mouth is horrible. I bet you enjoy paper straws too…

        • +13 votes

          Better than having a single use item go to landfill for thousands of years or kill marine life.

        • Actually yes, I enjoy paper straws and wood utensils, because I know they are not sticking around in landfill for 10,000 years or at the bottom of the ocean.

          • @Azzazz: Well, technically paper and cardboard create more greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming more, which if anything is probably the bigget issue.

            Imho solution would be to just not use a straw at all. Costco (at least in SA) aren't offering straws for their drinks anymore. Their smoothies come with cardboard straws though, but they promptly disintegrate about 1/4 way through the drink.

            • @Ezuku:

              technically paper and cardboard create more greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming more

              Your opinion or do you have data?

            • @Ezuku: Its not that clear cut, you need to do is look at the entire lifecycle of plastic and you quickly realise that its carbon footprint is one small part of a larger issue.


              This article goes into further detail regarding the carbon footprint of plastic and mentions the studies that showed that plastic more often than not has a smaller carbon footprint. But it also depends on the density of the plastic, heavy duty plastics still have larger carbon footprints. Ultimately, we can reduce the carbon footprint of plastic substitutes through the greater use of renewable energy and sustainable production methods. We will never be able to replace the fact that plastic is a product from fossil fuels and the massive problem of plastic pollution.

              The take away from that article is that plastic substitutes at the moment are not perfect, but that does not mean we should keep using plastic either.

          • @Azzazz: i don’t like them but i can learn to live with them ….. if i dislike it enough i have option of stainless or glass drink straw in my car, or metal cutlery in car also, or sit down and one in …..not often i eat take away in a park, it’s in the office, at home, etc.

            people manage to carry and not forget phones , and if you do them just make do with what they hand out …..seems dumb my local takeaway supplies plastic cutlery …. who uses plastic supplied cutlery when eating at home …..use own metal ones ……

            … i use to take my own cutlery onto planes years ago until they banned it as hijackers cut people’s throats

        • I take my own straw.

    • down is ok ….. the treat s suck at carbon as they grow so just need to make sure enough trees are planted to cover future demand.

    • Since when does HJ give out cutlery sets??
      They are trying to go strawless with their new drink lids as well (which actually are great I don't care what anyone else says).

  • Dammit, all I have 10,000 spoons!

  • Environmental vandalism .. :-( .. !!

    • Seriously what kind of (profanity) is buying thousands of plastic knives which are literally the worst kind of knife and going to end up in landfill?

  • I haven't used plastic cutlery in years. Reusable and take it home to clean. Glad it's being banned.

    • You can wash and reuse plastic cutlery too.

      A ban for various situations such as fast food might make some sense but there remain sensible uses for plastic cutlery. Bans like this are ill thought out.

      • If you're going to wash and reuse why not use nicer cutlery in the first place?

        • Costco one is actually quite good quality.

        • Because plastic is light weight (think hikes, etc) and cheap (think large parties, etc.).

          • @afoveht: wooden cutlery is light weight and suitable for the examples you provided also…

            • @swimmingtoad: Wooden cutlery cannot be washed and reused, plastic can. They are different, suitable for different purposes.

              • @afoveht: the reality is no one gives a shit about wash and reuse. What all ppl do is just dump it in the bin because it is so cheap. That's why it is necessary to ban these plastic single use items.

                Ppl will not change their habit if they are not forced to. Just look at the plastic bag ban example in supermarket, at first ppl keeps complaining but now they all bring their own bag.

                I'm neg this deal for promoting irresponsible product.

            • @swimmingtoad: Wooden is very expensive

          • @afoveht: Most good outdoor stores sell plastic cutlery for hiking/light weight camping, but it's not single use.
            If you're really worried about weight and the environment, go titanium cutlery, pricey, but will last a lifetime if you don't lose it.

            • @DashCam AKA Rolts: Sure, I have good stuff too. But when I go with (esp. many) kids I use cheap stuff. They lose and break things - it's better that's done to cheap cutlery than good cutlery.

              The benefits of reusable products compared to disposable can come down to use situations. If I break a glazed porcelain mug or lose a titanium spoon after 50 uses there may be considerations that actually make 50 disposable cups or spoons a less damaging prospect. It's not always just "disposable bad".

          • @afoveht: No one gives a shit about these reasons. Stop being selfish and think about the greater good of the environment.

            • @shaibankek2: The greater good of the environment is a complex issue. Plastic cutlery ranks low. In not saying it's unimportant - everything is - but, for example, the people above high fiving each other about how they got a wooden spoon while buying animal products at hungry Jack's shows the utter disconnect from reality that's possible here.

          • @afoveht: No serious walker would use plastic utensils.

  • 2.97.. 97c = clearance item.. Probably clearing stock for the ban

  • Perhaps some out of the box thinking is required rather than banning everything…


  • Bring on the ban.

  • Ban it all. More rules. Bring it.

  • I wonder what cutlery the prisoners in SA are using now! I can't imagine management would be to keen on providing wooden cutlery! lol
    At least three ban on straws and cutlery makes more sense than the plastic bag ban imo. I reused every single use bag I ever got (unless they were damaged) to put my kitchen waste into but now I have to purchase kitchen tidy bags which means more plastic in the waste stream than before and I now have a tonne of those re-usable bags that are good for nothing else from the many times a year I forget to bring bags (I don't drive)
    I'm all for smart laws so long as the fix isn't worse than the problem.

    • "I now have a tonne of those re-usable bags that are good for nothing else from the many times a year I forget to bring bags".
      IMO it's for this reason that they charge for these bags, to discourage customers from purchasing single use plastic and encouraging them to bring the multi-use bags. It's about changing your mindset/practices, not continuing with the status quo. I don't drive either (by choice to reduce carbon footprint). I carry a green bag with me when I go to the supermarket, and on the odd occasion when I forgot it, I ask for a box, which I then re-use or recycle.
      Can I also suggest that the tonne of re-usable bags can be returned to the store as a part of their RedCycle program.

    • I too used to use the grey bags fir kutchen waste. I now use the 15 cent bags which is probably harder on the environment.

    • Why use plastic bags for waste, what's wrong with putting rubbish straight in the bin? If you really must you can line your kitchen bin with plastic, but reuse it for months by emptying the waste into your outside bin, by itself with the bag liner. Kitchen waste should be composted and then used on the garden.

      • *by itself withOUT the bin liner.

      • when they empty the bins into the truck, if it’s not in bags, some falls onto the street …..
        i don’t use bags, port phillip council in melbourne hasn’t complained yet.

  • If it were spoons would be a forking good deal.

  • Good on SA for saving the world of the problem or is it still not banned for billions to use them in the world ?

    • +5 votes

      Don't do anything positive unless the entire world does it at once?

      • Sure when the SA government introduced this I'm sure they did not state the impact on the world of maybe .0000001 % less of this wastage to the world.
        Basically worst than a needle in the haystack effect .
        Tks SA .
        If I'm wrong about my first line I'll be shocked lol .

        • I agree using petroleum based plastic is bad though now where does the wood come from and how long does it take to break down in landfill? It’s fine banning plastic cutlery but the big issue seems to be lined cardboard used for drinks that isn’t recyclable. Also Could we substitute non recyclable plastic with recyclable plastic cutlery and require takeaway businesses to sort their waste. Why is it the big fast food outlets put all the rubbish together?

    • God I hate this attitude, it's genuinely embarrassing. "Can't someone else do it?"

      • That was the Federal LNP attitude to carbon emissions, national embarrassment.

        • Have you reduced your personal emissions?

          How? By how much?

          • @quog: Yes! Reduced car use significantly, got rid of 1 car, greater use of PT; solar panels to drop dependence on gas fired power production (electricity bills often only 25% of pre-solar instalation). Upgraded all lighting in house to LED (from halogen down-lights). Replacement white goods purchased on star ratings. That's what I can think of atm.

          • @quog: drink zymol milk so i don’t fart as much ….. reduction …..2-3 farts per day.

          • @quog: Yes, solar panels, led lighting, hybrid vehicle, more public transport, shifted appliance use to when the sun is shining. Replaced gas heating when EOL. Vegetarian household. Carbon offset purchases where possible. What are you doing yourself?

    • Hopefully the next items they have on the ban list are use once paper / plastic plates, but done on a worldwide scale. It sickens me when I watch YouTubers from the US who use these instead of crockery plates / bowls and throw them straight into the trash. Follow this up with a ban on use once plastic cups.

      • +2 votes

        Nah, need to ban upgrading phones each year.

      • US is one of the worst, I was given plastic straw with glass of water in restaurant even though I never asked for it. Japan also very bad with their plastic use, plastic bag wrap many product that is not really necessary and plastic bag use at their supermarket.

        Ppl will never change if they are not forced to.

  • Time for us to use fingers to eat like some used to be. More hands sanitisers in plastic bottles And wipes in plastic wrappers for sales . And ban any toys made with plastics, just use Amazon boxes to create your own toys .

    • +5 votes

      Protip: you can wash metal cutlery for almost forever.
      No need to use fingers

    • Reports now are people are `^ ing up their skin with hand sanitiser over use !

    • in some countries they have basins at eateries so you can wash your hands, in australia it’s go to the toilet to wash you hands and in most places they have limited basins as it’s a toilet, not a wash room.

      • and it's a pain because you can't trust people to wash their hands properly or at all after they've used the toilet (and this is despite the fact we're still in a pandemic.) we were taught since bloody year 1 to wash our hands before we eat. somewhere along the way to adulthood, our hygiene standards nose-dived.

        here, the only places i can think of that have wash basins in the dining area are Nandos and Ribs & Burgers. Chicken Treat's wash basins separated from the toilet so i always prop the door open with my foot while washing my hands. since i've done those KFC Open Kitchen tours and seen their knee-operated basins, i wish that was the norm everywhere.

  • These are also available at perth Costco for the same price.

  • All the environmental keyboard warriors out in full force telling us plebs for the 1000th time how bad plastic utensils/straws etc are.

    • Slow learner or just don't give a fig?

      • Ozbargain or Ozconscience or Ozmorals?

        Let's keep each others opinions to the forums, maybe include a link to a forum discussion for the keyboard warriors whenever a trigger bargain is posted for the snowflakes …

        I don't give a flying fk what your opinions are on life on a bargain site.

        • Snowflakes, keyboard warriors, triggers (the irony in the latter is hilarious). You've missed a few of the standard words from the playbook though. You might need reprogramming or a refresher course in rw cliches. Surprised you didn't manage to work woke in there somehow.

          Fortunately you don't get to decide what people say or think in comments, nor do I.

          Out of interest do opinions like Chthonik's also get up your nose or are you specifically offended?

  • This world has enough unnecessary plastic, don't be lazy and use reusable cutlery instead.

  • When I was kid and dinosaurs walked the earth there was no plastic convenience. Straws were made of paper and had a waxy feel. They were better than the flimsy paper ones today. As for plastic cutlery we had our fingers or took them from home. I have used wooden ones today and I have to say after a couple of times they are just fine. Nobody ever complains about the taste of wooden ice cream sticks so why should that be any different?
    My 2c

  • All this banning of plastic and changing to bamboo and Wood Products gives me the chills.

    I can't touch the wood products I have mild Xylophobia. I can't stand the feel and can't put them in my mouth any wooded product, its like nails on a board or chalk sounds on a blackboard that horabble creeking chills and physically pain in my hands at the thought of touching a wooden spoon or eating of a popsicle stick.

    I'll have to carry cutlery.