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[iOS] Crypto Pie Premium Features Free Unlock (Was $3.99) @ Apple App Store


Crypto Pie is a comprehensive dictionary of 100+ Cryptocurrency and Blockchain terms, all concisely written and easily explained for the average Jane and ordinary Joe. No computer science degree required! Already know the basics? Crypto Pie has an extensive term list; including Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and General terms. Each term is uniquely categorized to help you learn the ropes quicker.

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Apple App Store

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  • +1

    McAfee = Ponzi - not AntiVirus!

  • +1

    Does it have bag holder?

  • +5

    Might want to rethink that logo design haha

    • right! it took me a while to realise it was a pie. line and poop

    • +1

      perfect for crypto. a steaming pile of shit

      • -2

        Dunno about a calling crypto a pile of shit. I know plenty of people who are debt free because of crypto. I’m currently driving a brand new wildtrak bought by my profit from crypto. Don’t be salty because you do not understand the point of crypto or is it jealousy that people made money and you didn’t.

        • so you cashed out? dirty no coiner have fun staying poor

    • U can change the app icon

  • Showing as $7.99 for me

    • Same no obvious free option.

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