Best Prepaid Visa / MasterCard for Withdrawing Cash?

I'm looking at purchasing a prepaid Visa or Mastercard that allows me to withdraw cash. Ideally i'd like to purchase one for the amount of $1000 and hopefully withdraw $980 after fees i'm guessing?

Is there a bricks and mortar store or reputable online place that is recommended to purchase this at and in this denomination using a credit card for purchase?

Or even some kind of atm card would also be fine if that exists.

Thanks in advance


  • I might be wrong (and will happily be corrected if I am) but I think most prepaid cards don’t allow this due to anti money laundering policies.

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    Money laundering costs more than 2%

    What are you trying to do OP this sounds like you are scamming or about to get scammed.

    • Basically using my USD account to transfer to AUD. Since it's only $1000 I get hit with a $30USD wire fee plus lose a bit with transfer wise rate etc. Just thought since I don't get charged international transaction fees if this was a cheaper way to do it.

      • I’d just buy stuff with PayPal using the usd account/balance for delivery to AU.
        That will give you similar fees to buying with Aud, and no per transaction fee, albeit not a fantastic exchange rate.

      • Oh in that case mate:

        Looks exactly what you want.

        • It's mostly the wire transfer fee of $30 USD i have to pay to send to OFX etc which i'm trying to avoid because US banks are awful. But failing the prepaid card option i'll most likely do this.

          • @OfficerBarbrady: Look at the Citibank plus account, I have USD payments into that account, and the Exchange rate and fees impact is negligible compared to other banks.

            Ideally even better if your US supplying bank is Citibank as well.