Upgrade this gaming desktop or not?

I recently bought a gaming desktop from a friend, has the following;
CoolerMaster TD500 mesh
MSI Gaming B450 Pro Carbon Max Wifi
AMD Ryzen 3700X with the wraith cooler
MSI Gaming X Trio RTX2070 Super
Corsair Vengance LPX 16 gig running at 3000MHZ
WD Blue SN550 500gig M.2
Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD
Silverstone Strider Gold 650W

Anything I should be looking at upgrading?
I've just put another M.2 500Gig Micron SSD from a XPS laptop that I had lying around.

My brother who's more of a gamer than I am advised to upgrade the ram and maybe PSU. Will be looking at a RTX3080 later down the road as well.

Should also mention that I'm playing on a 1440P 144HZ IPS ACER and I've got a LG CX if I'm ever inclined to play on that.


  • If it's only new to you then just use it.

    It's a more than capable 1080p gaming machine at the moment.

    Over the next 6 months you may find some deficiencies in the PC so upgrade those.

    My brother who's more of a gamer than I am advised to upgrade the ram and maybe PSU.

    RAM is ok for 3700x and 16gb should be adequate too. If you upgrade the GPU to a 3080 in the future I would probably do the PSU at the same time.

    • OP is playing at 1440p and 4k, what does 1080p gotta do with his use case lol

      • Op initially never mentioned screen res. It was en edit. I just assumed the average.

        Click op revisions above.

        • Yes that was my initial mistake, forgot to mention screen res.
          Edited my post only after MS Paint had already commented.

  • I'd try and get the RAM running at 3600

  • Don't bother. You can overclock the ram a little bit (check Ryzen DRAM calculator for what timings etc would be feasible)

    PSU is good, why would you want to upgrade? what would you even upgrade to? a 750W gold? It's not going to make any difference really/ Evem a 3080 will be fine on a 650W gold.

  • The entire build is perfectly solid! Actually very well balanced. Slightly overkill on the CPU for today, but gives you headroom to upgrade to a nice "next gen" (3000/6000 series) in the future and still be ok on the CPU.

    The ram is suitable. I personally would have gone for 3200 if I was building from scratch, but if memory serves, 3000 is actually fine (for performance) for the 3xxx series amd CPUs! 16gb is plenty for size too.

    The PSU is also basic, but perfectly ok. I personally overkill PSUs, but it's not cost effective to do so, and this one is not a crappy budget one. 650W is perfect. More power is pointless; the build just won't use it.

    Great computer across the board. Nothing needs changing now. When you're upgrading, add another 16gb of 3000mhz CL15 and you're set.

    Contrary to the above, unless you're a techie, don't bother overclocking the ram. 3000mhz CL15 benches incredibly favourably. You're golden as is =)


  • OC RAM, upgrade to 3080, ezpz.

  • Seems fine. Unless you want more power for something specific there is no need.

    If you do upgrade to a 3080, it is recommended you upgrade the psu as well to at least 750, but preferably to 850.

    • Even with a 3080, a 650 will be fine (why don't calculators have share links!?). OP could upgrade to a larger psu - On a new build I'd be going for a really nice seasonic focus Platinum 750, but it's overkill. A well performing 650W psu is fine for a simple build like this. If you started stacking up more HDDs/etc then you'd probably need to upgrade the psu.


      • Its well tested by tech youtubers that the spikes in power requirements can exceed 650 watts on a 3080, when this happens it may or may not cause hardware restarts depending on the quality of the power supply.

        I would rather be safe than sorry.

  • I agree with above that it is pretty much perfect as it is, especially in this climate where parts are hard to get.

    Leave it 6+mths and then look for a 3080 and maybe a larger PSU at the same time, but a 650 gold with a power sipping 3000 series Ryzen may well be fine

  • Thanks y'all for the replies.
    I'll game on the 1440p 144HZ monitor I have for now. I was thinking for the 3080 more so, if I move the desktop to the living room and start gaming on the LG 65CX.

    What about for cooling, no need for that? Currently has three fans in the front and one at the back that came with the case.

    • Run HWmonitor and see if anything hits 100 degrees C. Your CPU could with a basic cooler in that case, but you would change the cooler, not the case fans.

      As for case fans, listen to the fan noise under load. If it annoys you, and you don't care for RGB lights, and you don't mind paying drug money for fans, replace noisy case fans and CPU heat sink fan/s (if possible) with noctua 120mm fans.

  • This is a really good modern gaming pc that will hold you over for the next few years. Definitely don't upgrade anything at the moment, especially not the graphics card or CPU as both are higher then average in terms of performance, and the market is so over priced it's not funny.

    Wait until next year or the year after if you want to upgrade it. If you have to scratch that upgrade itch, then just add some RGB to it…


  • Use it. Work out what your bottlenecks are.

    I would upgrade ram as I don't like shutting every program to play a game.

    Overclocking ram is a waste of time. You will never notice a 2% difference to FPS but you will notice system instability four years from now.

    The 2070 is fine for 1440 140Hz and 4k 60Hz if you turn the settings down to medium or high on demanding games. A 3080 is an upgrade and should be able to play most games above this at ultra settings, but 4k 120Hz at reduced settings (still mostly high).

    Here is a chart giving you an idea of the improvement:


    Note this site shows max frame rate and average frame rate only, not 99th percentile. A 3080 should help with any perceivable stuttering from running your settings to high.

    If you upgrade the GPU it would be a smart idea to consider upgrading the PSU at the same time. 3080's are stable today on normal PSU's because of driver limitations to ramp up rates of their clock rates. If Nvidia removes that 'feature' in the future (by accident), then you might have a computer that can't game for a week (best case) until Nvidia patches that driver.

    I would wait for a 3080Ti order as that rumored 4GB extra RAM will help in a year or two (from someone who went 4GB Sli instead of a single 8GB card).

    If I where you, I would double the RAM to 32GB if I notice any slowness and wait for the 3080 Ti now rumored to be released in April, which I would pre order a founders edition (if available) and a new 1000W PSU.

  • dont bother, just play with it - It's a good system.