Do I Have The Responsibility to Find out The Code of My Lost Security Swipe Card?

I lost my apartment security swipe card last week, I have submitted the replacement application form and paid the charge $80.

However, the real estate manager told me that I need to find out the code of the lost swipe card myself. It is complicated task for me, and I think the real estate admin office should have the records of every apartments' swipe cards. I think it is the work of estate admin not mine! I am confused.

Should I have the responsibility to find out the code of the lost swipe card?


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  • The building manager or the company that looks after the security system will have a record of the swipes and their numbers allocated for your apartment. The numbers on the swipe fobs wipe off too easily. In the event that there's more than one fob, they can swipe the ones that that haven't been lost and assume the "other one" on their records is the lost one.

    When I rented previously, they always placed the keys, remotes etc on the photocopier and had that as part of the lease to show the keys that were handed over. You might be able to look back at your copy of the lease to get the number.

  • Ask your RE manager to show you where in writing, it says you are responsible for that. If it's in the contract you signed, then you are. If it's not, then you're not.

    • I gave you a +1 but even if that was part of the contract how can he be expected to provide a code he doesn't know and has no record of?

      ie, I am supposed to have this code, but I don't - now what? There is no magic that's going to bring it back.

      • The Real estate manager told me to call the agent company to ask, but I do not think it's my job to do so, I think it is his job which he just push to me.

    • Thank you guy, your advice is useful to me!

  • The building manager should have logs every card's code and their corresponding unit/owner.

    If there is no building manager then the body corporate people will know. Who ever issued the cards will have the logs. I don't think the REA has access to that information.

  • Yeah nah, not your problem, the $80 would cover the card and code admin work.
    It's the security company that'll recover it for you.

  • Initial Condition Report. The REA should have recorded it.

  • lol, rea is (profanity). Call their bluff

  • As others said, I imagine it should have the number on the print out you usually get from REA as they photocopy it alongside keys and the like.

    Still though seems silly, surely they can just create a new card, otherwise how did they create the number/card in the first place. And I have to imagine the building/security/bodycorp has a register of users and cards, otherwise how can you know which card belongs to who, which I feel is like half the point is to be able to check.

    I imagine they want to know so they can remove/delete the old card, but I still feel like they should be able to do that by name. Someone above makes a good point in that if its in your contract, then I guess its on you? But even still, what will that actually mean. The apartment is closed forever now and no one can get in? Like obviously there has to be another way to do this even if what REA says above is true?

  • prob a cheaper way to make a copy of the card before hand losing it then paying 80