Techfast - Warranty Claim after Hardware Changed

I bought a brandnew bundle from TechFast in Jan 2021 and the PC comes in Feb 2021 (4 weeks for delivery). Core i7 10th gen, RTX 3070, 16GB Ram, 500GB SSD for $1950. The PSU is the Gigabyte P650B, 80+ bronze.

(*) After receiving the PC for a day, I have downgraded the GPU from RTX 3070 to GTX 1050 and sold the RTX 3070 to my friend.

The computer starts freezing randomly. I have tested all SSD, Ram are perfectly okay.

I have tried to use another RAM and hard drive, but the problem still persists. I brought the PC to the local PC repair for another checking. They could not find the problem. They plug another GPU card to check, and it is still freezing. All hardwares/softwares donot show any indication of failure.

But, the PC still crashes/freezes after 1-2 hours, sometimes 3-5 hours…

I really want for the warranty, but am afraid that I have changed the hardware (*) although I fully aware that the issue doesnot come from this hardware changed.

I am sharing a story for those who may have the same issue. Also, I am looking for advice/idea?

Note: I have used DDU to clean and install the latest GPU driver.

Thanks for reading.


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  • Your local PC repair is crap. How could they not find the problem.

    But, the PC still crashes/freezes after 1-2 hours, sometimes 3-5 hours…

    Sounds like PSU to me. Have you tried changing the PSU?

    • I have not changed the PSU. I dont know how to test the PSU yet.

      It is the Gigabyte P650B, 80+ bronze PSU

      • The easiest and most reliable is using another PSU on your rig. Think you can borrow one from a friend?
        Go back to the PC repair shop to borrow one if you paid them any money to diagnose the problem they couldn’t find.
        You have any local PC shop that offers change of mind return?
        Every local PC shop has PLENTY of unused PSU you can borrow and test on site if you ask nicely.

  • Did you download DDU and remove the display drivers completely and re-install?

  • Have you contacted Techfast and see if they will actually diagnose the problem for you?

    I assume you haven't and are first assuming that changing the hardware configuration voids the warranty — which may not be the case. It might be best to ring them up and have them do remote diagnostics.

  • Does it freeze in Windows, in a game, while playing audio, all of the above?

    • It randomly freeze. Sometimes I turn on the computer, do nothing, and see it freezes.
      After being freezed, I can not use mouse, keyboard…etc; but need to press the power button for a hard reset. Note that we can still see the screen appears (but freezes), and fans are still running, the light inside the CPU is still on.

      • That is maybe a RAM issue. Try going into the BIOS and lowering the RAM clock speeds and check if that fixes it. If the PC does not freeze, then set it back to standard RAM clocks and check for freezing. If it freezes with standard RAM clocks, return the RAM to techfast.

        Before doing that, it might be your USB ports disconnecting. Try unplugging the keyboard and mouse USB and plug them back in to see if that fixes the freezing.

        • During the freeze, the screen is freeze and I can see the clock still shows the time it got freezed. It is not a problem with USB port disconnecting.

          I have another pair of working RAM. After plugging this new RAM in, the problem still occurs. So it should not be a RAM problem.

  • Remove old gpu drivers.
    Install correct new gpu drivers.

  • If you want direct and reliable answers, ask the retailer while pretending to be a new customer.

  • +1 vote

    could be thermals. have you changed the fan profiles in bios / checked temps while active?
    if you have not touched the bios dont start now, get hwinfo64 and run a game for 30 and check temps (screenshot the readings before you start a game, and then a new screenshot after a playing) compare the two.

    oh & if it's an untouched factory bios, sometimes the vcore out of the box is set high more vcore = more heat, if you throw up a screenshot or check bios and report back we can rule that out also

    and to be clear, pc was fine when you had the 3070 but now it's got issues? good advice above on refreshing drivers also check you've not accidentally knocked something lose during your replacement of card like fan connector etc

    • "pc was fine when you had the 3070 but now it's got issues"

      — this is a very good question. I am not sure if the PC is good with the 3070. I got it for a day, then downgraded after using for 2-3 hours. I suspect the problem even comes with the 3070 if I keep using it longer.

      • Did you buy the 1050 new? If second hand, had you tested it elsewhere first? Any chance of borrowing the GPU back from your friend to test it? Try the 3070 again and if it works, then you most likely have your answer.

        You might find that the PC did have issues beforehand, so you really need to test it.

        It could also be overheating or bios ram timings…there are several things that can cause the issues you are having. Start with the basics and test the PC again with the original GPU first. You may have even just knocked out a wire when switching the cards.

    • This is my first thought also.

      Monitor CPU thermals. I'm putting my money here.

  • Put rtx 3070 back in and see if it fixes it.
    If it does then you'll need a new graphics card?

  • You are still covered by techfast & manufacture warranty except for your GTX 1050. If your gpu is found to be the problem, you need to pay for it.

  • What did Techfast say when you contacted them?

  • Can you run it without any graphics card and see what happens? Or are there no integrated graphics.

    • I cannot run/display the PC without external graphic card.

      I am unable to retrieve the card RTX 3070. But, I have tried to use other working graphic cards, but the freezing is still. So I think it is not the problem with graphic card.

  • Sounds like CPU issue, take out the CPU and re-seat the CPU make sure the CPU holder is put down correctly, etc, etc. Repaste if you have paste.

    Check if pins are bent on the MOBO as well.

  • Sold 3070 to your "friend"

    May as well be honest about it, it makes no difference as to whether you are or aren't covered by some form of warranty from Techfast

  • From their site:

    Physical Alteration by End User: Unless specifically approved by or under instruction from an authorised TechFast representative, physically altering the hardware of the PC in any way may adversely affect your warranty. Physical alteration includes, but is not limited to, adding or removing components, changing the ports into which cables or components are plugged into from their original configuration, modifying any BIOS or system settings, and transferring components out of the case and reinstalling them at a later date. If, in the course of a claim under Warranty, evidence of physical alteration is found, and that physical alteration is deemed at our sole discretion to be the cause of, or contributing to, the warranty claim, we reserve the right to deny the claim or seek payment to further repair or restore the PC to working order. If payment is requested, no Warrnaty repair work shall be undertaken until payment is received in full.

    • If, in the course of a claim under Warranty, evidence of physical alteration is found, and that physical alteration is deemed at our sole discretion to be the cause of, or contributing to, the warranty claim, we reserve the right to deny the claim or seek payment to further repair or restore the PC to working order.

      And, the whole history is posted up live on a forum that Luke and Team are on..

      Again, you need to start by contacting TechFast, not few hunge people with different opinions on here… You maybe lucky

      • That's a default disclaimer for if what you did really did break something - if it ain't the 1050 I'm sure they'll replace the PSU or board or whatever is at fault and not care that you swapped the GPU

    • That disclaimer sounds like bullshit to me. I would be very surprised if that would hold up in a claim at fair trading/xCAT. Like "changing the ports into which cables or components are plugged into" - sounds absolutely ridiculous.

      • Noobs flipping the + and - on the mobo. 💣. Warranty void.

        • oh lol, I thought they meant peripherals

        • Haven't been able to readily do that since 1995 (ATX replacing AT/Baby AT), and even then only with departures from the original IBM AT spec (power connectors were supposed to be keyed differently in AT).

          Yes, I have seen the magic smoke come out.

      • The courts are the mechanism to take that art their industry created and parse it down to a "TL:DR" form, which in put through my Ianalbiplotnion boils down to:

        IInstalling or modifying with a hammer and/or hatchet, kitchen knife or similar, especially when inserting cables and cords "to get them to fit", may lead us to check if that caused the problem, and then reject the warranty and tell you what it will cost to fix.

        • In any case, the terms of a voluntary warranty does not supersede statutory rights so I suspect these terms would mean very little in practice at xCAT.

  • 100% it's your ram. Run memtest86 or windows memory diagnostic. Let it run for the full sweep, which will be a couple of hours. Likely they put your memory on the xmp profile and there's not quite enough voltage for the frequency / timings.

    If it was your PSU, your computer would randomly shut off. Very hard to kill your GPU so very unlikely. Ram is pretty common to have issues.

    The builder will likely ask you to reseat the ram (remove the module and put it back in) or swap them around

    Hope that helps

    • Thanks for the suggestion!

      I am testing the machine with this brandnew RAM from Amazon

      • Doesn't matter if the RAM is brand new or not. Sometimes a stick just passes through QA/QC. Can't tell you the number of times that I've purchased brand new RAM and needed it to be RMA'd. That's why you always run memtest on new builds to check for memory issues

        • This - with PC parts the most likely time for it to fail is either brand spanking new, or after years and years (like 5-10yrs) of torture.

  • Video card highly unlikely to cause crashes. If the video driver crashes, then yes.

    CPU unlikely to cause crashes. They are very complex but very stable. If thermals are an issue, the clocks will just throttle to run cooler.

    PSU is unlikely the culprit. With the new slower GPU, I guess if the PSU was faulty, the PC would just not start at all and reboot instead of freezes. On a high-end GPU, it can limit the performance of the amps from the PCI-E cables is low, but for a 1050, nah.

    RAM is highly likely to cause crashes. Either an issue with RAM, settings in BIOS or a deficiency in the memory controller of the CPU. Latter is unlikely with an Intel chio with only two sticks and "low" speed RAM from a prebuilt.

    Motherboard can cause crashes. Issue with BIOS, power delivery etc. but often the problem is upfront: meaning, the PC won't start at all.

    I would just install one stick of RAM and low BIOS defaults and see. That's the most you can do without doing any hardware swaps.

  • What's your rough location? Connect with someone and just swap a PSU and see if that fixes it. I'm in WA with an 80+ gold psu if that helps!

  • Disconnect your DVD Rom if you have any

  • Fried motherboard when uninstalling 3070 / installing new GFX card with static?