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[PC, Steam] Hell Let Loose (Early Access) A$27.61 (Normally $42.95) @ 2game.com


Was hoping for another Steam Sale so I could try out this game. Or a free weekend. I'm a bit too slow and tired for the fast paced Battlefield V type action. Heard lots of good things about the slower pace and more unforgiving/ strategic gameplay of HLL.

Then I did a bit of searching and found it on 2Game for $30.68.

I also 'duckduckgo-ed' 'discount codes' for 2Game and lo and behold found a 10% discount code that worked 'spookysavings' - the name of this code suggests it could have been hanging around since October…..bizarrely, the coupon was hosted on the 7 news website. Is this for real???!!!


I 'duckduckgo-ed' 2Game and they appear to be an authorised reseller.

Anyway, bought it for $27.61.

I wish duckduckgo had a better name. It's not going to make it as a verb anytime soon.

UPDATE: Got the activation code a minute after buying and it has activated ok.

Also, 2game gives you 10% first order when opening an account

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  • Thanks for tidying up the title of my post mystery mod!

  • I love this game, it's fantastic IF you have a Squad of friends to play with, and someone is willing to play the Squad Leader role. It can be very hit and miss in public games trying to find any semblance of teamwork.

    • Yeah I've had games where there were so many people sitting and waiting for someone to make a squad which instantly filled when someone made one. I've also had games with randoms where the teamwork was top notch and our squad was tearing the other team apart just with coordination (and someone willing to go support and get the garrisons happening)
      *I've had much more positive experiences than negative

      • If you happen into a group of people playing together it's a very fun game! I just find that more often than not, unless I'm playing with friends it just doesn't happen. I hate being SL myself, I can't deal with that many voice channels going at once so I understand why people don't want to do it.

    • Just jumped on for an hour or so last night. Didn't have comms on, was just lurking really, trying not to be a bother Started a squad but no-one wanted to be the leader. Got team killed a few times :( but managed to just go with the flow and cover other people, support them etc. Got killed plenty of times but started learning how to seek cover and be cautious navigating the map (this was the Normandy town map) Managed to 'neutralise' 6 german soldiers in the end. Was quite pleased with myself!

      Can imagine it getting quite good once I understand the controls, have comms on and also have some idea of what I am doing!

      Would love the mic to have a function where you can speak to people who are within your vicinity only, to warn them of dangers like snipers or what not.

      Was so much more strategic,peaceful and TERRIFYING than the arcadey military shooters. Just what I was looking for!

      • Hold V for local chat I think, it's a proximity chat not bound by Squads etc., so useful for calling direction of contacts/enemy infantry or vehicles without clogging up other radio channels, and anyone within 5-10 meters of you can hear it.

  • I don't mind bf5 in hardcore mode right now as there are a couple of servers recently with 200%damage . I only play casual so don't have friends to team with.

    Is this ok for a casual player?

    • All the feedback I've read suggests that comms is pretty key to having a decent gaming experience. Presumably you can still go on mic as a casual and chat to randoms, or just follow orders?

      I was finding the arcadey feel of BF really getting to me and have been wanting to try something more realistic/slower paced for ages. So for $27 approx willing to give it a go.

    • It's quite hard!

      • Just takes a bit of getting used to, you can't move and behave the same way you do in other shoots or you'll be in for a bad time. Also Team Kills are pretty common, you can turn the nameplate view distance right up however which will help a lot for new players.

  • im 450 hours into this game. Its fantastic with pretty regular updates by the devs.
    Highly recommended and also can recommend the BIG D servers as they are actively moderated which ensures good gameplay.
    also a former BF player that got a bit sick of the arcade-style gameplay and wanted a smidge more sim like experience.

  • Sounds like we need an OzB Squad lol