Recommend a Pool Shop/Equipment Installer Bris South (Pref around Mt Gravatt/Holand Park) /Plus Other Pool Questions

Hi helpful peoples,

I have recently bought and moved into a house with a pool. Our first pool and first house.

Ultimately, i think i want to get a heat pump and thermal blanket but am hoping to replace the (probably) dying filter and pump at the same time (if i can afford it). I will also want a chlorinator unless i get some alternative like the ozone stuff.

I have tried two nearby pool shops with mixed results depending on who was there at the time. One place in particular just seems to want to sell me various chemical products recommended by the water analysis computer without really listening to what i am saying. It really seems like they might just have chemical sales targets.

I am kind of surprised that they aren't the ones suggesting someone come out and give me a quote for the setup they recommend after seeing the pool etc.

I am after recommendations for either a pool shop that people have tried and happy to recommend or a person/team that comes around.

Also, I am keen for input on:

  • electric heat pumps
  • quiet pumps
  • quiet low maintenance filters
  • chlorinators
  • using magnesium rather than salt
  • other alternative sterilizing methods
  • covers
  • any other pool tips that involve less maintenance time.

NB I don't need bargains just to avoid getting ripped off and to avoid throwing money away on something that will be redundant to me in the near future.

if there are any pool chemistry wiz kids out there maybe you can solve why my salt level keeps getting higher. As far as i know it is an old school chlorine pool. It is painted concrete. There is no chlorinator and i didn't think it was salt water.

When we moved in the pH and alkalinity were crazy high. After about 2 weeks of adding 500ml Hydrochloric acid each day i finally got them both good. But then, the trouble started. Two separate leaks in the pipes connected to the filter. The water started getting really salty tasting and leaves white salty deposits where ever its splashed. Sediment kept collecting on the bottom of the pool within 24 hours of vacuuming. Pretty sure it was coming straight through the filter. When I left it on the bottom of the pool for a few days there were stains left behind. Also getting stains (or possibly paint coming off) in other spots.

The sediment situation has gotten much better after vacuuming it to waste. But each day there are new stains on the paint.

Unfortunately, I don't have a salt reading for when I initially moved in and the pH and alkalinity were really high. Shortly after that (about 2.5 weeks ago) the reading was 8300 ppm and then a few days ago it was up to 11800ppm.

My only working theory is that because of the high pH and alkalinity the filter and/or pipes were filled with mineral deposits, scale etc and when i got the chemical balance more neutral they started breaking down causing the leaks and maybe the saltiness. Just to clarify, I haven't added any salt. I have added only hydrochloric acid, stabilised granular chlorine, "pool sunscreen", one of those blue gel cubes for clarifying.

I think I am going to have to get a submersible pump and drain or partially drain the pool to get the salt level down. Am worried its doing damage to the surface.

Any input appreciated.

Thanks, Andrew.

EDIT: I should of mentioned its a painted concrete pool (approx 38 kl) and i have a sand filter.


  • There's four places.
    There's the Pool Hut, that's on third.
    There's Pools-R-Us, that's on third too.
    You got Put-Your-Noodle-There. That's on third.
    Swim Low, Sweet Chariot… Matter of fact, they're all in the same complex;
    it's the pool complex on third.

    The Pool District!

  • Chlorinators look at reverse polarity system - saves time and money on maintaining calcium buildup

    I don’t bother with covers anymore. Just top it up as needed.

    • Thanks. Will look into it.

      My cover will be primarily for preserving heat both via preventing evaporation and providing insulation.

  • Do you have a cartridge filter (it looks like a tall cylinder) or a sand/glass filter (it looks like a spherical barrel)? Either way, I suggest you give them a thorough clean.
    The cartridge filter lid can be removed & you just pull the filter out & give it a decent blast with a karcher or gerni.
    If it's a sand filter, you'd change the dial on the top to backwash & let it run to waste for a few minutes.
    I'm sure there's plenty of youtube vids anyway.

    I suggest you check out
    It's basically a forum, kinda like Whirlpool but just for pools. They have some genuine chemical geniuses there who should be able to sort out what is going on.

    Get yourself a decent chemical test kit, I suggest something from

    Don't use pool shops. Grab one of clearchoicelabs test kits and you can do all the testing yourself.

    With regards to pool equipment & replacing old/aging gear I suggest ringing around pool builders and/or pool renovators.

    • It's a sand filter. I have done the backwash and rinse thing 4 times in the 5 weeks since we moved in just to be sure. Unfortunately the plastic window that is supposed to show you when the water coming through is clean again is completely yellowed with sun/age so i am just doing it by time.

      I will checkout that forum and the test kits.

      Thanks for the suggestions.

  • I got the guy from Aqua Activities to come to my house (in your area) when I first moved in, for a general pool handover. Since it was my first pool.
    He was really good at showing me everything I needed to know, explaining what my setup was, the common issues I might encounter, backwashing, etc etc. All really obvious stuff now but for a newbie like me at the time, it was excellent info. He also tested the water and messaged me later with what I needed to add.
    Haven't used them again but if I ever needed any major work done I would definitely consider using them again.

    Meanwhile I'm currently installing my own solar heating kit!

    I usually get my water tested at the Pool Barn in Salisbury and I buy my chemicals from them as well to support my local pool shop, they seem fine.

    This place in Rocklea seems to have a good range of pool equipment (pumps/chlorinators/etc) and I got my chlorinator cell replaced by them. I'm sure they have installers or can recommend some.

    • Thanks. I haven't tried the Pool Barn yet as there are others closer but I was seriously considering it. Will definitely check out your other suggestions too.

      Good luck with the solar heating kit.