How Do I Use Text Service from iPhone on Windows PC?

Hello Everybody

I've owned an android device all my life and used google messages as a text app and the web version for PC access, but due to tired of getting low-quality images and inconsistency with apps, now giving a shot on iphone.

Is there any sort of app/way that allows using SMS function of iphone on windows computers?

I do not want to jailbreak or use any subscription-based service but happy to pay up to two-digit and do not necessarily need iMessage.

Also, feel free to suggest your must have apps for productivity and efficiency.


  • You are asking if 'Apple' will let you 'share' their 'usability' with a PC/Android/etc. platform? Chuckle …

    • haha now I'm slowly getting why people say apple ecosystem is a cult.

      • It comes with the territory.

        Whenever Apple can offer a better experience vs Android, it’s likely due to a mixture of the benefits resulting from them controlling the whole process, and a lack of the negatives associated with making the OS widely compatible, like Android.

        This is a (mostly) necessary cost for the enhanced user experience.

  • Who sends pics via mms any more? If this is a continual thing then I'm amazed you haven't worked out better ways of sharing pics

    • tell us your ways spackbace.

      I only use fb messenger for friends and family. say if you have to send a screenshot or receipt pictures to fairly known people at workplace or outside your personal space what do you do?

      • Friends = Messenger, Discord, Whatsapp, Snapchat
        Work = Teams/Skype, Slack, Email

        There are dozens of well known messaging tools, and most are cross platform and some are also on PC. Whatsapp and Hangouts are on every device (mobile, tablet, pc).

  • Not sure whether it works on all PC's … i do not see why not but i have a dell PC but i use Dell Mobile Connect (in Windows App Store)
    It syncs with your iPhone over Bluetooth and Wifi (both need to be on same wifi network)

  • You can load OSX in a virtual machine and use that in a window. It's what I do.

    Absolutely love iOS and iPhones but cannot stand OSX for daily use. Just use it for backups and iPhone handoff.