True Honey CO MANUKA Honey Rare Harvest MGO +1700 $850 (Was $1700) Delivered @ David Jones


At 1700+ MGO / 31 UMF™, the highly collectible limited-edition Rare Harvest is the world's highest MGO/ UMF rated Mānuka honey - strictly limited to 1000 collectible jars. each bottled, numbered and sealed by hand. luxuriously topped with a hand-turned NZ native timber lid, the wood also incorporated into a bespoke, brass handled honey drizzler. Its white magnetically closed outer box opens out into five segments, reflecting the petals of the Mānuka blossom.

With a sweet/sour contrast leaving a slight mocha bitterness on the finish, Rare Harvest evokes the earthy flavours of New Zealand forests with a slight burnt aroma that hints at a far-off fire. Elegant and refined.

The native Mānuka tree is notoriously fickle during its short blooming season, needing the perfect combination of sunshine, warmth, gentle breeze and rainfall. Given New Zealand's fickle climate, a perfect harvest is an extraordinary event.

Just as an oyster under stress creates a pearl, challenging conditions in 2017 drove one windswept, remote Mānuka block to produce a particularly potent nectar. Our intrepid beekeepers took the utmost care for hive placement, bee health and timing - to capture the rare potential of this pristine location. As Mānuka honey like this is already close to perfection, we've chosen to leave Rare Harvest as nature intended.

Packaging: We bottle all our Mānuka honey in glass, to keep it good as gold. Then it's boxed in award-winning, eco-friendly cardboard packaging, to ensure your precious honey reaches you in tip top condition, with no need for polystyrene or bubble wrap. And every box is sealed at our packing facility with a tamper proof seal.

Nutritional information: Ingredients: New Zealand Mānuka honey
Rare Harvest is independently tested and guaranteed to contain at least 1700mg Methylglyoxal per kg and was certified by the UMFHA at 31+ UMF, the highest ever test result.

Storage: Store at room temperature ( 25°C) in a cool, dark place, with the lid properly closed. No need to keep it in the fridge except in very hot or humid climates.

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