Oppo Reno4 Z Problems

Anyone else here have the Oppo Reno4 Z or similar device that is having the following problems:

I am with Telstra JB plab

  1. Calls cut out mid call
  2. Mobile data drop outs, have to alternate between 4g and 5g to fix.
  3. Watching videos through chrome can be glitchy and buggy.

I bought from Officeworks and ive had longer than a month but I'm wondering if it would be returnable?



    All three points can be related to reception too. But I guess when you post this you are comparing your experience from your previous phone under same JB Telstra plan.

    If you suspect phone is problematic, won't you consider lodging a RMA with Oppo Australia? Maybe Officeworks can replace phone for you?



      I contacted Telstra they are very defensive of there network and it leaves me with little evidence to point the finger at them.

      Thanks for the oppo link I'll check that out.


        When you buy a faulty product the retailer is the one to get it sorted. You dont have to deal with the maker yourself.
        Officeworks are usually good with product defect problems I have found, take it into them.


          Sounds good!


    Try turning off Bluetooth for a day and report back

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    my flatmate had this issue , the next day when using the phone it cut out in calls . JB installed a app from play store and verified there was an issue . they replaced it on the spot .


      So was the fault with the device or network