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[eBay Plus] Samsung 870 EVO 1TB SSD 2.5" SATA Internal Solid State Drive $126.65 (+ $25 Cash Back) @ Shallothead eBay


I think this is a new code for today and you can buy choice gift card from CR to get 5% cash back

Original Coupon Deal


Their invoice should show the company name as "K S Computer Auburn"

1TB, Samsung V-NAND, 2.5". 7mm, SATA III 6GB/s, R/W(Max) 550MB/s/520MB/s, 98K/90K IOPS, 600TBW, 5 Years Warranty

Warranty: 5 Year Australian Warranty & Support

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  • Great price.

  • Shallothead isn't listed in the cashback thread from your link. Is Shallothead participating in the cashback program?

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      They have a difference name on the invoice which is "K S Computer Auburn"

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      You should get a tax invoice from KS Computers.

  • Thanks OP, just got one for my ps4 pro !

  • Could I add this to a "Gigabyte B550M Gaming MATX Motherboard"?

    • Just SATA should be fine,

    • Yes it is a SATA interface which even budget boards will have.

  • Bit the bullet and bought it through PayPal, but it says the seller is "Kai Seng Computer Solution Pty. Limited"???

    I hope I didn't get scammed out of cashback…

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      You will receive the invoice shortly said "K.S. Computer Technology PTY LTD"

      • Thanks for fast response, fingers crossed everything goes alright!

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    Was missing out on all these ebay plus deals…..then I realised I can get a free 30 day trial. Doh!

    Bought one. Thanks OP.

  • Just got my drive delivered! Also realised I ordered an 860 Evo instead of the 870!

    Basic question - but i forgot all about the need to get a 2.5" to 3.5" drive bay converter to fit one of these drives in a 3.5" desktop drive bay.

    Is it necessary? Anyone recommend a cheap one?

    This looks okay. I'm assuming it will fit the Samsung.


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      860 Evo instead of the 870!

      Actually 860 have more cash back.

      Since desktop PC you won't move it around, you may not really need a drive bay, just stick it somewhere inside or leave it on top of the old drive.

      No moving parts so I won't worry, if you really want to install one just get a cheap one from eBay.

      • Ha, yes, I'm probably a little bit of a worrier. I'll have a look at an ebay one. Probably could carve one out of styrofoam or something if it's just holding it in place, except that it would create residue dust etc.

        Yes, good point about the bigger cashback on 860. I stacked so many discounts as per your OP that I have no idea how much the drive cost me! Or maybe it was another post that recommended the Cashrewards Choice card for 5% off ebay card.

        • the Cashrewards Choice card for 5%

          Yeah I did that with gift card and get extra 5%