Prepaid card using credit to load it

Anyone know of one?
Got a interesting situation in which would like to give a group money to spend using cash from a company account.
Found that Aus post and Lifepay dont allow it.
I can buy gift cards to go to woolies and such but haven't issues for a blanket solution (e.g buy fish n chips for lunch for the group independently).


  • Can you not deputise one of the group to be 'treasurer' and give them the cash from the company account to spend?

    They would need receipts for everything they buy but that wouldn't be too difficult, and whatever cash is over, if any, they can just give back to you.

  • Why not just get a credit card linked to the company account? Or is it a case that you want to control the amount that's loaded each time on the card?

  • Revolut can do that, but not sure if they do business accounts in Australia yet.