What Is The Best Piece of KFC Original Chicken?

I bought the 21 pieces for $21 and I didnt get any drumsticks…

Any success in asking for more drumsticks etc?

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    Isn't a drumstick a thigh ?

    • nope.

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      No, thigh is the piece above the drumstick: https://i.imgur.com/r1GV3pc.jpg

      I really don't understand the infatuation with KFC here. It's really greasy and awful compared to anything else. The wings are tiny and meatless albeit yes fairly crispy. Maybe need to try it outside the CBD.

      • Thanks

        Another thing learnt today…… Chickens have meaty calf muscles !

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          The cut of chicken shown in that photo is also known as chicken maryland just FYI.

      • Next time head to the KFC at Haymarket. They have Hot n Spicy.

        They are also, I say this without hesitation, the best KFC I have been to.

        • Well that's my usual branch so unfortunately doesn't help if that's the best around. They always take forever, fries are soggy and chicken super greasy. Never had a decent meal there.

          Looks like I've got a $4 off offer on the app so will give it one more try sometime this week.

          • @Hybroid: Oh yea….there chips are crap actually….

            Must be the Hot N Spicy, they get a free pass from me.

            • @Juiciness: They had a “best fast food chips poll” a while back and kfc were rated the best.

              I don’t understand how.
              They are always soggy whenever I get them.

      • need to put it in an airfryer before eating removes a lot of the fat and crisps it

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    when i buy a large pack of KFC i always ask as many thigh and drums as possible,

    if it is a 2 or 3 piece feed i say only thigh and drum.

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      "There is a set combination, but I will see what I can do.."

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    I mis-clicked! Supposed to click thigh, not drumstick!!

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      I have not cast my vote yet. I will vote thigh to cancel your vote.

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        thank you :D

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    thigh with butt is the best.

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    It's got to be the drumstick! It's got the perfect proportion of skin and meat.
    So many people still crackup when I put the whole drumstick in my mouth and just pull out the bone! (but that's just how I eat it!)

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      I saw something similar to that in Bangkok once, or was it twice ….

      • +2

        Duuuuude.. you've just ruined my drumsticks!! LOL

        • You started it. You mentioned crack, mouth, putting things in things and bones ! It's not a long bow to draw……

    • You’re very…. talented.

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    I actually prefer the ribs. Fresh ones are usually juicy. They have a lot of crispness. Drumsticks are great too

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      Ribs is the best part.
      It's like breast and thigh combined into one.
      But asking the staff for ribs is a bit hit and miss.

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        Hot and spicy ribs. Super crispy!

    • Definitely the ribs!

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    I must be a minority, I always ask for more breast.

    At KFC though I just take what I am given.

    • I call them drytits for a reason.

      Thighs all day, everyday.

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    All KFC pieces are best pieces

  • They come in nines, and you should generally get them in that ratio 2 wings, 2 drums, 2 thighs, 2 ribs and 1 breast.

    If the guy before you managed to beg for extra drums then you might end up with less though.

  • Your chooks were leg less

  • Reported for purposely, with probable malice, leaving out Rib in the Poll.

    • So I avoid breast when I order kfc and its only purpose for me is the skin then I try and make use of it in a russian salad. The rib meat is breast meat pretty much and that is the story of how I didnt know a rib piece existed.

  • Thigh piece, end of all discussions ever about what the best piece of chicken is.

  • How do you get 21 pieces at $21?

  • You forgot boneless

  • OzBargainers do love KFC for some reason.

  • For everyone who voted thigh please let me know and i will trade the breast and rib pieces with you. ta

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    You forgot rib in your poll.
    Each chicken is cut into 9 pieces.
    2 wings
    2 ribs
    2 thighs
    2 drum sticks
    1 Breast

    Ribs and breast are sometimes referred to as white meat while the rest are referred to as dark meat due to their muscle mass.

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      Ribs and breast for me!

    • I did but I think the poll is clear. Ozb prefers the dark meat.

  • what a rip off…. if you think a leg has more meat than a breast then pay for it.

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    What I don't like is all the bones and soft white stuff inside the nice part

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    I love the rib pieces