How to Remove Ad When Browsing OzBargain?

Hi Guys,
Lately following keeps appearing on my screen, when browsing OzBargain on iOS safari.
Very annoying and can’t get rid of it unless I try close the browser and restart.
Also the cross (on right hand corner) only appears once. Then only ( i).
Please any suggestions as I’m not too tech savvy.

Thanks all in advance.



    Sorry, don’t know how to post picture

    • Add the image to My Account - Files or just use imgur etc. Better if we know the link so we can report the advertiser.

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    Menu > My Account > Settings > Banner ads > No ads


      i don't mind the static adds, but got videos playing so blocked the adds.

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    but ozb needs the ads….
    remember ozb is not a fun project anymore it is a company with full time staffs and need salary.
    also ozb donates thousand dollars each years….
    support them

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      It is difficult if the ads make the site impossible to use

      • We hate intrusive ads just like the rest of you. Please report any intrusive ads. Unfortunatelythey get pushed through the ad network which we can report if we know the link.

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      remember ozb is not a fun project anymore

      Has Scotty stopped providing free coffee and biscuits?


      diddn't ozbargain get income from when non members click on links (referal links)

      To be fair if you are posting deals and buying stuff from ozbargain you are supporting them more, then just browsing without an add blocker.

      its really the community that drives ozbargains value

      • diddn't ozbargain get income from when non members click on links (referal links)

        See Affiliation Links on OzBargain.

        OzBargain derives revenue from:

        1) affiliate links for guest users only (e.g. % of Dell sale).
        2) Ads (Google Ads etc.) managed by Publift.


      Some people and companies donate money to charities to make themselves look good, when in actuality they aim to minimise tax paid.


    We’ve been using this for years and it works as advertised.


      If you're signed in you can just select to display no ads.


        The app we use blocks every website by default. No more pesky pop ups or site tracking.


          Do you turn it off when using cashback sites?


            @dust: We keep it on all the time while only allowing single site permissioned tracking when it’s need. It returns to default when the page is closed.

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    You have to sign up for Ozbargain premium


      I would if could do a click to remove annoying deals from my live feed .

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      sign up for Ozbargain premium

      There was a free code posted for it last April…

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    How to Remove Add When Browsing OzBargain?

    Subtract it…


      Where's the shopping cart?


      Never change jv

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        I think jv is an algorithm.


    uBlock Origin & Ghostery