Coles Half Price Deals Page

Every week I used to check the Coles site for the weekly deals. What happened to this page, and how are people now finding what's on special.

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    This is my old bookmark

    No longer works, stopped working a few weeks ago.

    Now it doesn't work. I don't think the catalogue contains everything that's half price.

  • I just look through Samwise Gamgee's weekly post

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    Having the same problem as you. Not sure why your above comment got downvoted.

    I'm shopping a lot more at Woolies now due to this.

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      Yeah me too. It's easy costing Coles $100 per week, at least, easy.

      The lists posted here on OzB is not complete, and any catalogue is far from complete.

      Take WW, they have over 900 items half price, but there are categories that contain hundreds of items that we don't check, like baby, home and health & beauty. To check everything else takes me about 10 minutes.

      Used to do the same at Coles, but not anymore.

      We still go to Coles, but that's for something small, bread, milk, etc. Now we just plan ahead for our big shop at WW.

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        Same. Swapped to Woolies.

        Coles have just made it too time consuming to search the 1/2 price stuff.

  • So it's not just me! Coles is losing out on my money because of this.

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    This issue has now been fixed by Coles. The half price page is working again.

    • still not working for me (using link above)

      could you share your link?

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