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Fitbit Charge 4 $169 + Shipping @ Big W


Fitbit Charge 4 $179 at Big W down from $248. Price comes down to $169 when code SAVE10 is applied.

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    I don't know about others' experience with the Charge 4, but mine was terrible at picking up my heart rate in anything that wasn't running in a straight line. Any cardio work or group classes at the gym where you were doing more stationary work either didn't register any heartbeat at all, or gave you an estimate which was well below the actual (e.g. was doing HIIT exercises and my heartbeat was apparently 90 bpm, nowhere near the ~160-180 bpm I could definitely feel!).

    The in-built GPS was pretty rubbish as well, often just failing to detect a signal at all despite being in the open air in the inner suburbs of Sydney.

    With all that I got a refund and bought a Garmin Forerunner instead. A lot more expensive, granted, but just about all these issues have been resolved as a result.

    • Both of my fitbits stopped gaining charge in a short time so its never again for me. One was a charge one was an inspire. Refund process was easy at least but I've gone with a 40-50 buk xiaomi mifit thingo. So far so good.

      • Now Fitbit is owned by Google I'm doubtful the build quality will drastically improve. Google tends to buy up existing IP to replace the terrible products they create in-house - if the current generation of Fitbits are shonky then that seems unlikely to change given the recent acquisition…

        • I'd guess they have broad biometric device plans for the future as yet another bunch of data to harvest so they buy to leverage the tech and knowledge. It's always 50/50 whether their wacky plans succeed either way haha.

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    Not worth a new thread, but I bought this from Amazon as they didn't have stock in Big W. It's the same price and free delivery.
    But, then, literally an hour later I went back in to check the price of the 'Special Edition' one as the one in Big W was down to $219 and Amazon had adjusted the price down to $178.

    I don't think there's functionally any difference but, still, getting the special edition cheaper is nice.

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