CREUSA Camera Post Taken down?

I'm in the market for a baby monitor/indoor surveillance camera.

I remember reading one night someone had posted this deal up with 30% off coupon:

But for some reason it looks it has been taken down? Does anyone know why?

Also what you think about the Creusa camera over say Ozbargain's other favourite Reolink?


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  • Store banned for sockpuppeting.

    Feature set is very similar to Reolink E1 series, and EZVIZ C6N. Marketed as a Baby monitor but it's really just a standard IP camera with the usual features like 2-way audio, SD card slot, IR LED for night vision, pan / tilt and motion detection.

  • ahh I see, thanks!

  • +1

    If you're after something simple & cheap, suprisingly Bunnings had a decent range (pluc national stock/warranties etc)

    I got a handful of the cheap and cheerful Click pan/tilt IR cameras for $39 each. A couple have died, but returns and exchanges are a Bunnings specialty. Have a squiz and see if they've got anything local for you

    • ahh thanks for the tip!

      I thought with the 30% off for Creusa, I might give it go for around $33 delivered from Amazon…..though I don't want to promote too much a store banned for sock puppeting.