Found AirPods - How Do I Find The Owner?

Hi Everyone

I found an AirPod case with one earphone in there. I’m assuming it dropped out of someone’s pocket as they were walking.

What is the best way to find the owner?


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    You don't.

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    Here's what you do.

    1. Post it on facebook marketplace with serial number.
    2. You can ask Apple if they're willing to chase up the owner if they've registered the airpods with their apple account.
    3. You can find another one to complete the collection or start using them now after a thorough cleaning.

    I would go with number 3 if you're into those irritating things in your ear.


    You can leave them on, and the owner can use the “find my iPhone”


      And they arrive at your house with bikes…

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        Better than bikies! Bloody autocorrect…..


          But bikkies are better than bikes


        Or since Airpods, most likely electric scooteries…


    Ask in OzBargain.

    Should be able to get the ear wax out and DNA test it…