Recommendation on Massage Chair - $1500

So I have a bad back (muscular issues) so I'm looking to hear from anyone who might have had experience with or owns a decent massage chair around the $1500 range..

I've noticed quite a few in my price range Kogan. Amazon, Ebay etc.. Any help / advice would be much appreciated.


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    I got the livmor one at end of December 2019 from ozplaza via ebay - it was just under $2k after ShopBack, discount gift cards and a ebay promo.

    Their customer support after service is non existent which is a big worry if anything ever goes wrong with it. I suppose you could lodge a case with ACCC if any huge issue arise.

    I find it really digs into my back and not really that relaxing. If anything I usually wake up with a sore neck the day after using it at night. There is very limited programming and customisation you can use which could be a problem if you need specific problem area targeting or need/want to avoid certain areas.

    Would I recommend? Nah.

    If you have health issues you’re better off dedicating the cash to a qualified health professional, not an automatic machine with a set routine.

    • I shall cross that one off the list, I did see that one.. I've heard the seller is hard to deal with if something goes wrong.

      Thank you for that.

      • Look up Inada chairs. Apparently they are THE CHOICE. But they are about 8-10k

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        And yes ozplaza is terrible. Their team seem to be mostly Chinese so is really hard to communicate. I also bought a 6pc outdoor setting from them where 1 screw was supplied wrong. It was a bloody nightmare to get it sorted.

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          Haha yeah man, I bought a coffee table (with drawers) from them and let's just say the drawers (with holes in all the wrong places) are jammed in place for the table to 'look' complete.

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    I've tried quite a few, all I can say is even $8000+ chairs may not feel that great, so you MUST try one before buying.

    • Yeah it is a huge risk to buy before trying.. For $8000 you'd think it was perfect..

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        They have store locations where you can try the chairs first.

        Customer service might be better as they can't hide behind an email address, however that's no guarantee either.

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    $8000 buys you a huge amount of actual massages and you have the ability to change therapists if you're not satisfied.
    Unless you live in a remote area with no services and the best massage you can get is driving home on a corrugated dirt road I'd option for the human touch.

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    AVOID Osim, their after service is appalling, we've got the uLove, it's broken now, still under warranty but they are refusing to fix it unless if we pay for the repair ($150 call out fee + $110/hr labour + parts), what on earth is the warranty for if we still have to pay for every part of the repair.

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      Not cool. I shall avoid.. Hopefully you get somewhere with them without forking out like that.

  • Keen to follow also.

    • I kind of gave up on the idea, it's very hard to buy one in this price range without testing it first… I have started doing spinal decompression stretches as part of my daily routine, I also bought an acupuncture mat.. I do feel as though my backs getting better… Not Massage everyday better but a lot looser than it was before.

  • OP did you get one at the end? I'm keen to know what you got as i'm also looking for one myself.

    I want to get the OTO one however they are not sold in australia.

    • No I didn't pull the trigger on anything… I started doing some stretches, being more careful etc and have found success but I'd still really like a chair.