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30% off Store Wide + Extra 10% off Coupon + Free Delivery with US$50+ Spend @ Brainwavz Audio


Seems to have Headphone and Audio/Gaming Accessories

I have tested coupons HEADFI and NEWSLETTER10%OFF, and both work at giving you an additional 10% off

gaming acces

I was in the need of underdesk mounts for my laptop, and they have some great modular ones.


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Brainwavz Audio
Brainwavz Audio

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    I had an OEM of this model


    …and they’re great, very worth the < $100. They had a very strong clamping force but after a few days of stretching over a few books, they were perfect


    I got some sheepskin pads for my Philips fidelio x2hr about 6months ago from here. Worth it for a the extra comfort, and easy cleaning


      I got some of their pads for my R70X as well (the hybrid ones, I think) and they've been great. Not a specific fit but with a bit of a stretch they're very secure.

      Deeper cups than the stock pads which is why I wanted them, my big ears used to rub on the inside face of the headphones, the Brainwavz ones have enough depth to avoid that.