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Samsung Galaxy S21+ 256GB Silver $1149 or $1099 with Newsletter Coupon @ Samsung Education/EPP Membership Required


Seems like the cheapest 256GB Galaxy S21+ at the moment. Only available for the silver model.

Should also be able to add the $50 off coupon on top to lower the price to $1099.

Trade in an old phone that's eligible for $300 bonus discount.

Can bring down the cost of the phone to $799.

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    Samsung seems very struggling.

    • The plus model has been on offer a couple of times since launch, it must be the slowest moving of the three.

  • Thanks, combined this with the $300 trade in bonus plus the $70 trade in for my old Galaxy S8 means i only paid $779 for this phone.

    • What's the $300 trade in bonus? I can't seem to find anything to that effect?

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      the trade in bonus does not work for me. Been trying to get it to work since Monday. Called them multiple times but they kept deflecting my issue to Asurion.

      I've done all the necessary steps like approving credit card details and what not but it just would not work.

      In theory i should be getting $605 off (as i'm trading in my XR worth $305). super annoying.

      • Strange, it seemed pretty simple for me, run through all the tests then confirm email and a code will show on the phone itself.
        Just enter that code on checkout.

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          Proof people will downvote literally anything for absolutely zero reason haha

    • How to get 2 discount $300 and $70 with trading one device?
      please specify?

      • $70 is the value they give for the phone i wanted to trade in and the $300 is a trade in bonus. (same bonus for all trade ins currently)

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    These EPP store deals should really be marked TARGETED as not everyone has access to the education EPP stores.

  • Ok so pretty useless for me. No EPP access.

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    Anyone else having trouble with the Trade-Up app? I cannot for the life of me pass the microphone test in the app, seems like countless other people have the same issue if you look at the app reviews. The app refuses to pass the mic test, how did you guys do it?

    • Mine seem to work fine, I just ordered one for $794 after trading in a $5 valued phone. I might just keep the phone since all they take if I don't mail it back to them is $5 LOL.

      • Pls share the steps if possible how yours got reduced to 794$. Should you mail the phone first before you receive it

        • I don't think you will need to mail any phones in. You can always submit a tradeup using the app and you will get a code after you enter your credit card details in.

          Once you're on the checkout page, you have the option to add trade-up which you can simply put the earlier code in for the discount equivalent to the trade in value of your old phone + $300 bonus. After you place your order, Samsung will send you instructions on how to return your phone which I believe would be through a prepaid postage satchel. You may choose to send your phone back or I guess if you ignore it they'll deduct the trade up value of your phone from your credit card. At this point you would have already gotten your phone.

          • @HelloWorld1225: Thank you. If they don’t deduct 300$ then it’s great.

            • @Ozfanmel: Just read FAQ and it’s not clear whether they bonus discount but when they receive the trade in phone which they found zero value then all the discount will be charged. But worth to try as nothing to lose

  • I have S10+ 512GB (4g) which shows the trade-in value of $245. Does this mean I can get $245 for S10+ AND $300 trade-in bonus discount at the same time?

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      you give s10+512gb for $245 + 300/500 bonus to get discount when you buy s21

      • Thanks @Rkven. What makes the bonus $500 - going with S21U?

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          That’s trade in bonus offer from Samsung. Don’t know why they are giving

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