Recommendations for Good 40-50" 4k TV under $1k?

Basically the title. Been looking for a small TV for the mancave to use it for PS4, Switch and the occasional movie watching. Would prefer 60hz (very confused with some TVs being labeled as 50hz, what's with that?) and I don't mind a "dumb" TV if those are a thing because of the TV's main usage being for gaming.

Been looking at the usual cheap suspects like Eko's 50" from Big W, Kogan's TVs (yes I know, vomit), FFalcon from JB Hifi as they tend to be around $500. Though I am now finding the Samsung TU8000 43" from JB Hifi to be quite attractive even if it's like $200 extra just for the quality assurance and Game Mode.

If it helps, I am upgrading from a ~30" 720p Samsung TV from like 2012 or something so literally anything is an upgrade to me. Reason why I am upgrading is because 720p is just not the best in 2021, especially for movie watching and gaming. The constant HDMI swapping is also super annoying since my current one only has 1 port.

Thank you for your help and suggestions!!



    50Hz is the Pal spec so will be 60 Hz compatible fine. Pretty much all TVs are nowadays.

    50" TU8000 is $845 before gift card vouchers. LG UN7300 is $50 more. Both better than budget brands imo. Sony X7000G is $950 if you want to spend the budget would get that. I'm not a fan of Chinese brands but you get more bang for your buck with those too.

    Game mode won't matter to you unless playing very competitive games which you probably wont be on PS4/Switch. It's quite dull and washed out colours that isn't enjoyable (but better input lag).


      Thanks for the reassurance. The Samsung TU8000 43" is cheaper for $745 but would the 43" have a better or worse image quality with pixel density and whatnot? Would the 43" LG UN7300 be any better or worse at $50 more?

      And yes, I do feel gamemode is important because I tend to notice and feel input delays, and some competitive games would be played.

      Thanks again!


        Personal opinion is 43" is just too small and you may regret it quick. For $100 extra, it's worth the size increase to 50" for gaming. It's about a 25% increase in screen area size and image quality difference is negligible if any.


        and some competitive games would be played.

        While played at 60Hz/60fps?

        Can't be very competitive


          As competitive as consoles can get. I already have a PC for the more serious competitive games. Every console player is locked to 60fps on a 60hz screen. Idk what you're even on about.



            Every console player is locked to 60fps on a 60hz screen. Idk what you're even on about.

            New gen consoles are 120hz/120fps

            That's what I'm on about


    58" Hisense for $795 or push to $1095 for the 65"


      Not to be rude or anything but did I miss that I am only looking for 40-50"? I doubt I'd be able to fit anything larger than 50".

      The Samsung TU8000 43" is cheaper than both for $745


        I just got an EKO 55" and was its quite decent (Obv you arent after a 55" but there you go).


        did I miss that I am only looking for 40-50"?

        Did I? Nope. But some people don't realise that bigger is available in budget, hence state the size requirement.

        Of course a 43" should be cheaper than a 58" or 65"…


    I have the EKO tv from big w and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s ok for casual gaming and works well with my switch and Xbox one.

    Also, I would sooner watch a cardboard box than buy a TV from Kogan.


    For anything below $1000 i'd say Hisense and TCL have these wrapped up in terms of value for money and quality.
    Sammys, Sony and LG make lower spec tv's at this price point.

    Anything above $1000 i'd definitely go down the Samsung/LG route.

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    I have the 43' TU8000 and it's very good for the price, only problem I've found is when switching between TV stations to a gaming console (ps4/ps5) sometimes you have to manually put it into game mode, as the option of the TV doing it automatically won't kick in. It does suffer a bit from thermal expansion, so long as you have the volume up loud you won't hear the crackling/popping noise that occurs occasionally.

    Apart from that the picture looks great (especially 4k Youtube content), the control is easy to use and inputs are very responsive, gaming on the original ps4 is okay but suffers from screen tearing on games like F1 which is noticeable and doesn't do the TV any favours, even games like Crash Bandicoot 4 suffer from big frame rate drops- so best to invest in a PS5 within the next 1-2 years to get the best out of the TV when gaming and watching movies in 4k. You can save yourself $85 and buy it from Appliance Central instead of Jb, then put that towards a PS5 if you spend most of your time gaming. Can't comment on the Ffalcon as I haven't seen them in person but going off ProductReview they seem to have reliability issues, paying an extra $160 for piece of mind that your Samsung won't conk out after a year should be worth it, highly recommend the TU8000 :)


      Thank you for the reply! I'll take a look at Appliance Central for the deal!