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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live R180 TWS Bluetooth ANC Earbuds - Mystic White $144.99 Delivered @ Kogan


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live feature an iconic shape and ergonomic design, a fit that lets in your natural surroundings and a speaker optimised for a better experience. They are sound made for your ears.

Ergonomic design
12mm speakers with sound by AKG
Live and deep sound
Active Noise Cancellation for open type
Up to 6 hours of playtime on a single charge
Up to 21 hours of battery life with charging case

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (Mystic Black) $149.99

Update 18 March 2021: Small price drop from $148.99 to $144.99

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    AU stock?


    has anyone used them? since they don't go in your ear, I imagine without a seal the noise going in will be a lot, and it will have to work entirely off of ANC to cancel noise.

    Does it stay in your ears without falling out?


      Seal is invetween inner ear buds and buds like AirPods (not pro).

      Stays in my ears while jogging.


        that's not going to be a tight seal.

        Is it like ear pods? (not air pods but the cheapo pack in earphones).


          No it’s not a tight seal, if you want that you need inner ear buds.

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      I have been blown away by how effective the ANC is. Very good little buds.


        have you used any other ANC buds that you can compare it with?

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          IMO don't expect much out of the ANC, definitely don't get it if ANC is a big thing to you.
          I find it takes the edge off consistent low sounds, like on a plane or the hum of the train rails. But just the edge, it's not comparable to even "bad" ANC headphones.

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      The noise-cancelling is not very effective, as most reviews would tell you, but I'm fine with that. It actually annoys me it's even advertised as a feature tbh, because no one shuts up about how bad it is, even though you shouldn't expect much out of this design in the first place. It will block out subtle background noise - the hum of my work's HVAC system for example - but not much else. Unsure how they'd go on a plane, which is the traditional use case for ANC headphones.

      As for stability, they actually do a decent job in my experience. They constantly feel like they're about to fall out, but they haven't yet.


    Do you get to try these things on if you buy in store, say JB-HiFi? I am not sure whether it is a good fit or comfortable, so not feeling confident buying online.


      No, you can't try in-ear earphones in store.

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      I found them pretty uncomfortable at first they'd quickly just start to ache my ear in a way that I hadn't felt before. It came on very quickly (like 15 mins) and made me think if never be able to use them. I had to make sure I was actually putting them in correctly, then after getting used to them (2 weeks ish in 15 min sessions) I can wear them for as long as I want, no issues. For me that was a game changer because there's literally no other earphone or headphone I can wear for longer than 2 hours.

      They felt like they were gonna fall out intially for me, but they actually stay in really well. Just as good as earphones with fins, definitely stay in better than non fin earphones.

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    Price dropped further to 139.99