Triple Shot - Breville Barista Express

I'm looking to buy a Breville express, never owned a semi automatic machine before but drink a lot of cafe flat white. I see this machine is rated well across ozb.

Is it possible to make the equivalent of an extra large triple shot flat white? I can only see a single or double basket. When I google it brings up a bottomless portafilter but no baskets?

Is it even possible to get cafe like coffee from one of these or does it take a ridiculous amount of effort to even get close?

YouTube makes everything look easy…


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    Make 3 shots.


    Takes about 3 months to master the machine
    Stick to a coffee bean you like (not from supermarket)
    Make sure it's roasted and used within 30 days

    Watch videos

    Triple shot is hard to do as usually they recommend to use the double basket hence your technically doing a double shot and then another double shot hence your wasting a shot on the 2nd double shot

    Unless you use that shot for another person within the household but in saying that by the time you make the 2nd double the 1st double would have cooled down

    Probably need to start drinking a double in a small cup i.e less milk


      Just use two group heads then… Use one with a double and one with a single.

      1 + 2 = 3

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        Single shot baskets are a pain, because of their tapering design, it's harder to dial it in. Especially after you've taken the time to ballpark what dose works with the double, that works with that specific coffee been. I avoid my single basket at all costs…


          Then 2 + 0.5*2

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    It's possible to get cafe quality at home with that machine, but it takes time and effort to get there.

    You need to tune the grind size that suits your beans, steam the milk correctly, buy freshly roasted beans and clean the machine to get that cup of coffee.

    To get there takes time to practice and patience, but if you just want a quick coffee with minimal effort then the answer is no.


    Biggest downside if the steam wand, takes a lot longer than a commercial machine to froth, the extraction from the group head is good but not as good as a commercial/high end unit. I can make better coffee with it than I get from most cafes around where I live.

    I just experiment, weight different amount of beans, extract set amounts of coffee, taste, if I like it thats a win, if not ah well I get to make myself another!

    As for making a triple, just make a double and then a single straight after, the shots don't take long to pull.

    Also, cannot stress enough, fresh grind only and make sure your water filter is changed often as it changes the taste dramatically.

    I am looking for my next machine I think, this one is great but with the amount I use it and what I want to get out from it, I think I'm going to have to spend a grand or two at some point…


      Agree, I really like mine and can make delicious coffee. However the wand is the slowest part, it's not bad. But if you're making a couple at a time on a daily basis, you may want to consider a higher model.

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      It would take a lot of effort to change from double to single vice versa and adjust everything in between, most people would be set up for one or the other.
      i would suggest making 2 double shots and the second one in a shot glass (for later, or whatever you want to do with it).


    Two ¾ load in the double-basket.

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    Two double shots.
    Second shot split into two. ie one i a shot glass.


    up your intake to a quad-shot flat white - who would wanna waste that shot from a double ;-)