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Rode Wireless Go 2 - $319.20 ($311.22 eBay Plus) Delivered @ digiDirect eBay


New model came out just last month. Great price. Wish I had waited but I pulled the trigger on v1. Works a charm but this is a great price - would have jumped on this.

If it wasn't clear - this is a wireless microphone. New model is compatible with both cameras, phones and computers (PC/MAC)

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  • Wow, these things are crazy expensive

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      I bought one of these for work videos when we're on site. They are amazing microphones as they are small and you can actually hear the person speaking even with them being out of the phones recommended distance (anything more than around 2-3 metres and the audio is affected).

      I recommend the device, but I understand it isn't for everyone.

      • it's not the distance alone but 2.4Ghz system issue (UHF is the one we normally use in field recording/ENG) is Line of Sight LoS. I've had these running for 100m+ with LoS but once LoS is gone a meter or two is enough to make them poop or even some crowd running past the LoS in open environment. Closed environment ofcourse is better as the reflective surfaces bounce the signal better e.g. indoors. The beauty of the Go II is that it records tracks internally but bummer is there is no timecode so sync has to be with pluraleyes etc. with big long audio tracks without scene/take markers.

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      Quality costs, much as that goes against the OzBargain ethos

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      They're a Sydney based company and most of the products including these are made in Australia

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      These things are incredibly valuable and reasonably priced. Not much else on the market that can do the same thing in a small form factor and a similar price.

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        have a look this, Saramonic. Another option.

        • Saramonic compares:

          Form factor (UHF units are bigger and need 2 RX) or No internal recording track (2.4Ghz) to mitigate the LoS anxiety.

          None of the Saramonic have internal recording track whilst in UHF doesn't matter too much as much as 2.4Ghz system.

          UWMIC9 (UHF) you can get 250$ mono but 500$ stereo and have to carry 2 RX and bigger RX. Also Blink 500 Pro B2 (2.4Ghz) has some typical LoS issues and no internal recording tracks either.

          I've already trashed my GO II TX units twice in SYD humidity.

          If you want a quality system go for Lectro/Zaxcom but good stuff costs.

  • I got this, but I find if you want change the setting, you have to download the software on PC. Yes, pc only. And I see someone said it’s only 100db, if you got higher than this, it got lots of noise, even their cheapest video micro, have better performance.

    • the video review I posted below has Mac software to reconfigure this.
      And they have RØDE Central (Mac) here

    • Why are you dumping on this product and pushing saramonic?

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    A good review of this unit:

  • I have version 1. It works, no mucking about. I've also used this with the video mic go connected to it. Fab little gizmo. Sometimes radio mics are the only way to go

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