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Booster Ultimate Touchscreen Massage Gun $240 Delivered @ BoosterAU


Always want a much stronger massage gun but dont have the budget for a Theragun?

The Booster Ultimate Massage Gun is your choice as it sit between the traditional massagers and Theragun at 14mm stroke power, while it does not have battery life as extensive as the Booster Elite nor the extra layer of protection from the pressure control system it is the first to utilize the smoothdrive technology with aluminium alloy casing it is still considered as an entry level of the Booster Elite model with identical features.

Or pay it in 10 weeks split payment for only $24 per week!

Full details of product as per below

Speed Adjustment: 30 Levels
Rated Speed: 1200-3400 rpm
Stroke: 14mm
Power: 200W Max
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
Input: 16.8V/0.6-1A
Working Hours: 2-8 Hours
Control: LCD Touch Screen
Noise: 42dB
Massage Heads: 7 Massage Attachment
Weight: 1.1kg

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      Battery life is only up to 1 hours only and 4 attachment. But stroke depth is much better tho.


    Looks cool. I do like that G-Dragon Workstation for 45% off though! Just have to wait till I work for 2 years to buy it.


      Tax deduction if you WFM nowadays. It's still consider as furniture and fixtures.


    Touchscreen Massage Gun

    My touch screens don't need a massage gun.

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      Maybe the non-touchscreen need a massage gun perhaps?

      Jokes aside, they come with button operated and touchscreen version.


    Nah, I'll stick with my Theragun for the same price.
    And as I always preach in the other dropshipper products. The Theraguns' 16mm stroke is what sets it apart, your 14mm is no different than the $100 EBAY ones.

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      Not only the stroke power matters, the battery life, attachments, extra features such as pressure control, rpm/speed intensity and handling(size and weight) comes into consideration.

      If you put our elite against the theragun pro which retail for 899, it only cost half of it while the only downside is 14mm stroke power due to unable to fit larger motor into the devices.

        1. I've never had a issue with battery life in my Theragun - never has it been dead or didn't last long enough
        2. pressure control means nothing if it doesn't penetrate deep enough.
        3. RPM/Speed intensity, that's what all the other generic guns use to justify their product, but it means nothing. My motorcycle can easily do 275KM/H, but I love my slow car with all the luxury, see what I mean.
        4. I've never held my Theragun and gone "shi^, I wish it was smaller and lighter.

        Theragun is my 4th gun, after the previous three were, Aldi>generic>more expensive generic.
        And Theragun is the only one that actually damn works. Plus the build quality on the Theragun is completely different to these generic ones.
        The Theragun that was posted above for $249 and does 16mm depth, wouldn't say yours is half cost.


          Battery life just reduce the amount charging requirement, handy if you're on away without the charger for travel or road trip, or just solely can't be bother to charge it that frequently .

          Pressure control serve as an extra layer of protection for minorities such as elderly, children, people who had sports injury or undergoing physio recover from injury themselves in fragile spot such as neck, spine, anywhere around the joints. Yes theragun founder had injuries and had to undergoes a physio recovery session, but seems like the back story doesn't put it user into consideration when someone who had identical injuries that required special attention. You won't put someone who snap they back from heavy lifting straight back to 100kg deadlift would you? So not every are physically allowed to operate devices with stroke power that high.

          As for RPM, there are times where much more intensity were required. It's like when you're required to push over the limit to overtaking in highway but unable due to device limitation, same goes for your vehicle, just because the speedometer is up till 275/280 doesn't mean it is capable to do it without breaking down or else old mate 1988 corolla would be flying at 280 already.

          Also the comparison is the G3 above, which is entry level for theragun, then comes the elite and pro.

          Our elite model aim to sit between the theragun elite and pro while cost half of them.



            1. Battery life is all relative, and I've never had to the need to take my Theragun on a trip.
            2. I have no idea what you mean as pressure control = extra layer of protection for elderly, children. Your gun is 14mm, and the Theragun is 16mm. That doesn't change regardless of speed.
            3. Sure, you'll want faster RPM when needed, but I can tell you, usually 2 or 3 speeds is enough, I'd rather have a gun that can work deep instead of some gun with a million RPM that doesn't penetrate deep muscle.
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              @he11bent: Yes, just depend on lifestyle and habit, some people just wanna charge it once per month.

              As for the pressure control system, it's a programmed chipset where the system noticed when bounceback are too strong or about to stall, such as when massaging joints or area around the bones/spine, the massager usually bounce back. The system will then adjust the intensity to reduce the possibility of injuries if the users still insists to massage on the area. Thus, the features are great for minority that might not be aware that they could injure themselves in the process.

              While RPM, it is very controversial as some people prefer it hard while some like it quick ;)


            @BoosterAU: Also, I just realised. You're the same company that posted the single greatest product in the history of OZB, the G-Dragon chair.

            That was epic, I tried convincing the missus, but something something, it's either the chair or her. psshhh, stuck with her for now.

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              @he11bent: Hahaha definitely understand you right there. It's always a mutual decision when you're no longer single. Back to underage times where permission were always required before any decision made!




      When compare to the rest of the big model we had