Afends Apparels: HELP - Lost Item No Refund, No Help?

Hi, I purchased some items from from Afends Apparels online but the item never arrived. Although checking tracking it said it was delivered. I followed up with the delivery service and they sent me the coordinates but it is like 500m from my location and it was signed by someone unknown. I followed up with Afends to assist and check with delivery service but they said it's delivered on their end and were washing their hands on this situation and could not help further. They advise me call the cops? WTH.

What can I do now?

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    How did you pay? Chargeback on credit card or raise a case with Paypal.


      Oh yes it's on PayPal! :)


    They advise me call the cops?

    To file a case against them? (Afends Apparels)… maybe you should?

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    CC chargeback as goods not delivered.

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    Surely delivery location being 500m from address would be grounds enough to say that it wasn't delivered correctly.


      Agree, I'll try bump em again on this.

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    also raise a complaint with the delivery company, you may be able to use their response as evidence for your chargeback. If you've done it through PayPal they are usually very good. every case iv opened with them they've ruled in my favor. chances are they won't have a signature on the drop-off because of covid, if your area has no outbreaks around the time of the missed delivery make sure to outline that in your paypal claim, the more you throw at them it makes it harder for the company to refute it, if you can levy enough shit against them chances are they'll just ignore paypals wtf pls explain and it will automatically close in your favor

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      There was signature and name but wasn't mine. Nor anyone I know.

      Very bad customer service, out of their goodwill they offered 15% off next purchase. Yeah nahh


      The delivery company will not deal with you because you are not their customer, the sender is. It's a stupid situation, because ultimately you are the one paying for the delivery. What should happen is that you make your case to the seller that it wasn't delivered, they will say it is and quote the GPS reference, you counter with "but that's not my address". They should accept that it was misdelivered, and then should make enquiries with the deliverer on your behalf. They can't just shrug their shoulders and say nothing can be done. They are responsible for delivering it to you, that is what you paid for. If that isn't done, you are within your rights to file for reimbursement through the sellers platform (ebay etc.) or your method of payment (paypal etc.) and as a last resort do a chargeback on your credit card with your bank.