Do They Still Make 200hz TVs?


Recently discovered a large crack in my Sony LCD TV KDL 46Z4500, so have had to look at replacing via my contents insurance.

They go through JB Hifi in Melbourne and have offered some 500 buck Falcon noname as an equivalent model. Not happy with that option as Tv offered was 50Hz (not 200 Hz as original) and noname brand (not even a name brand).

I know tvs are generally cheaper now than 2008, but when I bought this was over $3500, so I expect a little better equivalent TV.

So am left wondering if Sony or any other name brand still make 200Hz models in their current ranges or is 100Hz the best I can hope for?


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  • Looks like that did ~2016/2017

    The thing to look for is that your TV was a Z series in 2008, now TVs are bigger and are moving towards 4K rather than full HD. TBH I would push for the closest Sony Z series in screen size to your 46 inch (assuming you don't have a restriction on size that would limit you settling for like a 50 inch). When they realise thats too expensive, and say no, have a plan for what other TVs jbhifi sell that would be acceptable, and try to match to your existing specs to justify. considering they are offering a $500 model, look around $1000-1500

    Ideally look up the other lines Sony lines (I think X or W or something) which you could be happy with, because thats a fairer solution, as you said you're not expecting a $3,500 TV today, but could argue

    I would reference articles such as this:

    showing that the screen quality and picture are superior to the no-name brand, and even to the quality of lesser lines from established brands.

    I would say that JBhifi doesn't stock anything close from Sony anymore, just because of how technology has progressed.

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    200hz is a gimmick, and I had the 40 inch version of your same TV up until it died a few weeks ago.

    I think replacement wise you're probably only going to get the base model Sony at best. With the right calibration it will look better than your old set.

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    200hz is a gimmick as stated above. Often this number was doubled and might actually be 100hz. Currently 120hz TVs (at 1080, 1440p) are becoming popular and cheaper. However this is more appropriate if you have it hooked up to a tv or console that supports it and your settings are configured to use it.

    I bought a Samsung 120hz TV two years ago. Its beautiful, but I dont get the full benefit of what the TV offers. Games dont always support the higher refresh rate, but when they do, it does look terrific. Youtube travel or wildlife videos in 4K is the only time 4K gets used. If I could spend the money again, I'd probably get a 27 inch 144hz monitor for 1/3 of the price and a cheap projector. You dont need 120hz for watching media.

    For $1500 now you can probably find a TV which is much better for you. Check for some popular models and great reviews for your budget.

    edit- and for getting 12-13 years use and service out of your TV, you've done very well. That's excellent tenure and value. I dont know what the statistic is now, but i heard a few years ago that 1 in 30 people buy a TV in the year. I'm currently sellings and buying a new TV every 3-4 years.

  • would u settle for 100-120hz

  • Thanks all for your feedback. Much appreciated.

  • check your policy if new for old. ring consumer affairs for advice as insurer may need to give you a model which is current rather than an obsolete one. the ACL overrides any insurance contract. the law overrides anything in the contracts.the contract should be clear but cannot override the acl - the law.

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