What Are You Looking for When Choosing Real Estate Agent to List Your House for Rent/Sale?

Hi Ozbargainer,

I have a change of career to Real Estate recently, and I want to know what are you guys looking for when picking a real estate agent to list your house for sale / rent ?

Is discounted commision with new agent interest you?
If the real estate agent door knock your house, will you likely interested to talk with them or it will throw you off?

I am located in Sydney, NSW but any advise / information are greatly appreciated.


  • Experience and a track record of good sales results.

  • Down to earth, relatable, good communication.

  • Getting me the best price. Don't ask, don't tell.

  • What kind of car they drive, clearly.

  • Local experience, good track record, well presented, willing to accommodate your enquiries and to work to your preferences.

  • We've sold 3 house and our process has always been going to a opening house and doing some secret shopping, put your name down as a perspective buyer and see which one responses well, and is patient in following up.

    If you are in Melb I have a really good agent that I've used for years, but the above process is how I found him.

    Once you have selected an agent the negotiate commission, its generally pretty standard, they'll move by .5 - 1% depending on the value of the house, you also just need to remember the more they make the more the incentive they have to sell at a higher price.

  • i want someone who actually does their job

    so someone who is hardworking, competent and honest

    how do you display that to new potential clients?…

    i'm not sure

  • What’s commision?

  • Looking for someone with a high profile in my local area, with a reasonable conversion rate, willing to negotiate on costs and commission.

  • Rental would be slightly different from sales? RE's job is not done when the owner found a tenant, but need to continue to provide services and communications throughout the lease. I've had agents who are quick to find tenants, but not doing their job properly when tenants had issues and found no way to escalate to the owners.