Car Hire in Tasmania for the Easter holiday


Is anyone tried to rent a car during the easter holidays (April 1 to April 6) in Tasmania. I am trying to rent a car and unfortunately there are no cars available. I have tried in Hertz/Eruocar/Avis/BargainCar/VroomVroom/CarNextDoor etc.All cars sold out. Is there any other car hire is available during April 1 to April 6?
I even tried the campervan which are sold out as well. I have no hopes to get one, but still trying my best. Any help is appreciated.


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    It's odd you can't find any rental cars 2 weeks out from a a peak holiday period where everyone flocks to because they can't go abroad.

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    And where hire cars sold their fleets when they had no customers…

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    You know for Tasmania that's not unusual at all. There's only a limited number of cars available and with everyone flocking from interstate for holidays now that borders are open (& 300+ days COVID free) all the rentals are booked out weeks in advance. Since you've chosen Easter to visit it's especially bad as the holiday period is booked out a month or 2 in advance.

    Not to mention a car for a week has been costing $1200+ lately due to "COVID" and the high demand.

    You should probably call these places and see if they have cars available during these dates or at least some of it. Bargain Car Rentals and Budget both list cars "on request" so they may have some.

    • I have tried Bargain Car Rentals and Budget as well. No cars available :(
      Thanks for your reply.

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    Keep in mind that rental car companies (e.g. Hertz) forbid you from taking one of their cars from mainland Australia to Tasmania, so that’s not an option you can explore…

    I wish you luck in finding a rental car! I had a quick look on the interwebs and couldn’t find anything either, but I’m really not surprised that there seems to be no rental cars available, as you are travelling during a peak tourist period to a state with very limited numbers of rental cars…

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    Take your own car on the boat…

    • Yes, I was thinking about this too

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      If there are no cars available, I would think the Spirit of Tasmania booked out at least a month ago. It seems to get booked pretty fast.

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    I had a similar dilemma when I went to Tasmania mid-December last year. For one week most of the big car hire companies wanted me to pay close to 2k for a small car for 1 week. I found this company called Drive Car Hire who gave me a medium size car for a very competitive price, like 1.5k for the week. Was super happy with them and cannot recommend them enough.

    Give them a call, the might not have cars available for the full time but maybe they might have some available for a portion of the time at least. They were super helpful when I called them hoping for a reasonably priced hire car.

  • There are stories of people booking holiday destinations in Tasmania, trying to get a hire car then having to cancel as it either $$$$$ or just nothing available. Bad combo school holidays and."covid" and removal of travel restrictions for you.

  • Would a ute do? iirc an OzBargain post about vehicle hire issues in Tassie suggested that while car hire was almost impossible, commercial vehicles were still available and considerably cheaper than normal hire vehicles.

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    Just checked Europcar, you can have a Volkswagen Transporter van, auto, for Easter, pick up and drop off in Hobart for $235.99 for the Easter break with 400kms included.

    • As long as you only have a need for 2 people

  • Carnextdoor or similar?

  • I am trying to rent a car and unfortunately there are no cars available
    Almost all sold out

    Almost sold out or no cars available?

    I have no hopes to get one, but still trying my best.

    Well yes, 2 weeks before easter is leaving it a little late.

    Best of luck!

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    I had same experience trying to get a car in Tassie for last Xmas hols.
    No cars available anywhere! BargainCar actually did have some, but the prices were something like ONE THOUSAND per day for a regular sedan, it was madness.
    Trip got cancelled in the end because of Syd covid outbreak, but yeah, looks like tassie has low stock of rental cars and at any peak they get gobbled up.

    • Can relate. One of the reps from the larger companies told me that December 15 to Jan 15 was their peak and their systems automatically increased the prices and the reps had no control over it. You could see this if you checked one day for prices and then checked again the next day you could see the prices had increased substantially. There was no chance of getting any discount.

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    Just uber it

  • I was in a similar situation, but managed to get a car from these guys in Launceston -

    Be aware they only have older model cars though

  • Almost all sold out

    Almost all, or all? If almost, get the ones that are still available.

  • Car hire situation in Aus is pretty bad, during covid lockdown last year everyone sold their car fleets so there is very little available. I was super lucky to get a small car for 'only' $900 for about 5 days in Cairns just after new years! Good luck….
    (you could try split bookings eg short periods with different companies)

  • Not necessarily true about peak. I'm in Tassie right now. Tried to book a car for here 3 weeks ago, but had nothing available.

    I turned to a goget. Maybe they will still have a few options for you.

  • Did you have any luck? I'm struggling as well……seems like there is a ongoing vehicle shortage down that way

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