Warragamba Dam Full - Should We Boil Water before Drinking?

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I remember in the past when this happened we were told to boil water as a result of the runoff and overflow of the water treatment facilities? Have I got the wrong idea about the event?

Basically, is this still relevant?


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    What did their website/media say when you looked?

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    What did the local water authority say when you contacted them?

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    OzB - the new manual search engine

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    You don't drink water from Warragamba, you drink water from Prospect treatment plant, further boosted by your nearest booster plant, don't you?

    I would assume that Sydney Water, this not exactly being their first rodeo and all, would be monitoring raw water turbidity and adjusting treatment accordingly? If Warragamba is so bad that a boil water alert is issued, thats c. 5 million Sydneysiders boiling water!

    Happy to be proven wrong as always!

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      I’ll put the kettle on.

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    cryptosporidium was when we should have boil the water.

    There wasn’t bitcoin then. It took 10 years for it to turn into crypto ;)

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      Silly boomers that got cryptosporidium didn't HODL, they just dumped.


    i can't see notice of a boil order




    i often wonder if i should get a filter

    then you have to worry about not getting minerals and micronutrients

    it's a dilemma

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    Nah … the dams will never be full again. Flim Flam told me.

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      Blind faith in alarmist predictions has serious consequences….

      In the 2011 floods in Brisbane, for instance, we now know that engineers at the Wivenhoe dam chose to believe the doomsayers rather than the evidence of their own eyes and the actual weather forecast which told them the drought had broken and Dorothea Mackellar's "flooding rains" were back.
      Conditioned to believe permanent drought was the new reality, the engineers hoarded water. Instead of releasing it slowly and early, they waited until it was too late, and huge volumes of water escaping from the dam flooded Brisbane, engulfed 15,000 homes and businesses. The hapless engineers, facing possible criminal charges, are the scapegoats. But the real culprits are opportunistic politicians and mad greenies, whose apocalyptic warnings overcame prudence and common sense.


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    Essential to boil if you are making a cup of tea.

      • coffee
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        • 2 minute noodles
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        Coffee's ideal temperature for extraction is only 90-95°C. Not boiling.


    boiling water is a conspiracy started by the elitists to kill bacteria (good bacteria, white bacteria) to weaken our immune system so we can't fight back when the war comes!

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    Have you never wondered why I drink only distilled water or rainwater? And only pure grain alcohol? Have you ever heard of a thing called fluoridation - fluoridation of water? Do you realise that fluoridation - is the most monstrously-conceived and dangerous Communist plot we have ever had to face?

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      please just shut up

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      And only pure grain alcohol?
      Do you realise that fluoridation - is the most monstrously-conceived and dangerous Communist plot we have ever had to face?

      perhaps a little too much ethanol drinking…

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      I'm pretty sure this is satire guys.

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        Didn't know people didn't watch Dr Strangelove by Stanley Kubrick

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      Stay away from the dihydrogen monoxide!


    Yes you have the wrong idea

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    I'm Asian. We boil all our water anyway xD


      No we don't. Most metropolitan water in Oz is like pure Antarctic iceberg water compared to our normal water. Boiling it further is for wusses or babies

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      Hi Asian, I'm dad!

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      Hi Asian, I'm Uncle!

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    Sydney is so much better than Melbourne isn’t it?


    Aren't you meant to be evacuating rather than drinking water?


    Dun matter to me. I always boil water



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    Ask Professor Tim Flannery , he told us the dams will never be full again …

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      Thanks to Flannery & gullible politicians we have hugely expensive white elephant desalination plants around the country.

      One event had me splitting my sides laughing …

      FLASHBACK 2010: Desalination Plant Construction Delayed by HEAVY RAIN!
      … VICTORIA’S $5.7BILLION desalination plant is as much as three months behind schedule and will struggle to meet a December 2011 deadline as heavy rain and unforeseen environmental problems dog the project.

      Hey LeftieWarmunists, this had me in stitches back then… keep the laughs coming … looking forward to more such entertainment …


      FLASHBACK 2008: This drought may never break …



    Aus water authorities all use a multiple barrier approach to water being safe. They never rely on one single treatment system. A dam spilling means nothing.
    Where I would be very careful is getting near water along the Sydney coast and urban watercourses in the few days after the rain stops.
    Too little barrier between your last poo and the beach in some areas for my liking….😩

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    Honestly, who drinks tap water??? Perrier or nothing for me


    If in doubt, boil it.