How to Remove Windscreen Water Spots?

Hi All,

My car windscreen has some water spots which really reduce visibility when raining.

I tried washing it thoroughly and using glass cleaner to remove the water spots but can't get rid of them.

Is there any trick or product which can help me with this?

My car is parked outside so after rain, I normally see a lot of water spots.



  • Windex? Avoid the paint tho

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    How to Remove Windscreen Water Spots

    Just googling your subject line as is, comes up with a few links on your topic

    Here is one, How to Remove Water Spots from Window

    You know how to use google right?

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      Didnt you get the memo… OzB the new Siri.

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  • My car is parked outside so after rain, I normally see a lot of water spots.

    so does it rain after you wash and park?

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    You can try something like glass polish from Supercheap or Repco

    Like these
    Either autoglym or Meguiar's are both great brands.

    I had waterspots on my car as well and Windex, glass cleaners, all didn't work. This reduced it by alot but when in sun, you can still see it but I'm sure it would come off if I polish it more.

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  • Wash the window then use newspaper πŸ“°πŸ—ž (no Facebooks/Twitter/or TV here) to dry and polish it.

    Standard fair for Taxi Drivers (you know the quaint cars with little lights on their roof, that Boomers use instead of Uber) πŸš• πŸ˜ƒ

    Cheap as…. Bargain too

  • I turn on the Windscreen Wipers…

    • Op probably need an instruction manual for that as well

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        Next thread from OP: How to operate wipers, don’t know where it is.

        • Thread after that…
          "Dude, Where's My Car?"

  • autoglym car glass polish or vinegar as others have said.

  • Once your done , go buy Rain-X original from an auto parts store and apply it. thank me later.

  • When I got window tinting on my car, I asked them about some marks on the glass that didn't polish out. They said they were salt spots, often seen on new cars that arrive by boat. They said machine polish would take it out, and they did it right then. I didn't see the brand as they had some generic bottle. That was almost 18 months ago, I haven't seen the spots since even with lost of washes.

  • Steel wool not the stainless type

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