My Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra experience

My terrible S21 Ultra experience:

19th Jan: I pre-ordered an S21Ultra in its online store .
1st Feb: I received it, very happy with phone and camero and the wirelss charging trio. Battery is a bit issue but ok.

10th Feb: It breaks down. It basically disconnects SIM card and drain battery 50% per hour by itself. I brought to the store, the staff says exchange/refund takes 2-3 weeks. A brand new Phone! IphoneOppo/Huawei gives you exchange on the spot! I said OK and leave my phone and let them do the exchange.

After 5 days, samsung online chat agent says it is a faulty phone and i will receive my exchange.

After 10 days, agent says due to availability it may take 3 weeks.

After 15 days, agent says my faulty phone is still on its way to the warehouse

After 20 days, the E-commerce team said due to availability, it will take another 3 weeks.

After 25 days, Samsung store said they just shipped my faulty phone to the warehouse.

After 30 days, the E-commerce team said the warehouse still did not received my phone. it will take another 30 days and i said it is NOT accepetable. after 2 hour phone call, they agree to give me a case manager to look into this issue.

After 35 days, E-commerce team the warehouse received it but forget to label it as "received". Now after 35 days my faulty phone is finally received by them.

After 40 days, they said a case manager is looking at my case again.

After 42 days, i received my exchange phone.

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    cool story bro

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    Stories like this are what makes me nervous about buying Samsung phones. I know it's anecdotal and probably an isolated experience, but I have been pretty happy with Apple Genius Bar and the way they provide support without too much fuss or time wasted.

    (and yes I own a Galaxy device as well as an iPhone so I am in both camps… but at least on the Galaxy, I bought the Care+ package)

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      Samsung service has been horrible to me in the past and even try to shirk responsibility for warranties.

  • 10th Feb: It breaks down

    Should have asked for a full refund at this point.

    • at that point i understand the impact of covid and trade war so i thought i just got a lemon product. but what i dont understand is the process of getting this sorted and the constant lies they told me about what is the status of my exchange process.

      • I don't see any lies in your story. Poorly handled, sure, but I can't see any lies.

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          not outright lies but something like
          1. it is delayed due to availability (while they are selling loads of S21 ultra at a discount price everywhere in Australia)
          2. we will call/email you within 48 hours to solve this (heard this 5 times and they never called) sent them 3 emails no one replies. sent again and they said"Just to reiterate I do not have access to E-Commerce however I have followed up with VOC and they have followed up with E-Commerce" basically tell me to walk away
          3. every time i call them, they say they cannot let me talk to case manager or their supervisor because they have no contact. The only way to progress is raise a ticket stating my concerns which no one will bother look at. After 1 hour phone call i finally heard that my phone is still sitting at the store after 30 days i cannot control myself and got angry. They suddenly connects me to her supervisor and my case gets attention from a case manager.

          i know what you mean but when you are dealing with them from my perspective, you know they are lying and do not care about what you feel.

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    After 50 days - your phone has been crushed into a cube
    After 60 days - you have 10 days to move your cube

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    After 43 days, i posted on ozbargain.

  • I haven't had any issues with items purchased from the Samsung store, but for better service it's probably a good idea to just buy from a store like JB HiFi.

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    I had similar buying direct from Samsung. They don't really care as you can't going in face to face to talk to them. Their online to consumer seems to be an annoying side gig to the staff involved.

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    I honestly would have called them after 2 weeks and demanded an immediate refund and not hung up until it happened.

  • Wow I won't be getting a Samsung after reading this. I've exchanged my pixel 3 twice, once for faulty camera and the second time for a charging issue. Both times they mailed me a phone and I simply mailed my malfunctioning phone back. Simple, and zero days without a phone.

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      The problem with anecdotes is that you don't hear from the other people who have had good experiences with Samsung and just don't bother posting about it. You might be hearing the 5% of people who have issues while the other 95% have no problems with their service.

      e.g. I could say:

      I've exchanged my pixel 3 twice, once for faulty camera and the second time for a charging issue.

      Wow I won't be getting a Pixel after reading this. I've had zero problems with my S21, S20, S10, etc. Zero days without a phone because none of them ever developed problems.

      If I just went by your comment alone, that would make sense. But in reality of course it doesn't, as your experience isn't typical.

      FWIW I've had both good and bad service from Samsung directly. For the best service I'd probably recommend going to a physical store like JB or Telstra.

  • Eh to me it's less about whether the phone develops problems and more about the peace of mind of knowing if there is an issue, I can get it sorted asap.